Dundas Is the Latest Fashion Label to Enter the Beauty Game

Peter Dundas and Evangelo Bousis released five, gender-neutral products exclusively on Revolve.

Dundas lip balm in a mouth
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It’s no surprise when fashion players decide to try their hand in the beauty space—the luxury beauty market is predicted to be worth upwards of $87 million in just four year’s time. This month alone, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga announced plans to ramp up their expansion into the cosmetics and fragrance arena, while Prada effectively launched an entire range of color cosmetics and skincare to industry approval. Now, Dundas is following suit—and they're targeting Gen Z, a young, but promising set of spenders. 

The fashion label, which was responsible for several of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour outfits, released a grand total of five products exclusively on Revolve and Amazon today. The range includes: Bronzing Tint Cream ($45), Undercover Enhancer ($29), Bronzer ($32), Eye Pencil ($18), and Pumped Lip Moisture ($23).

Co-founder Peter Dundas exclusively tells Marie Claire that entering beauty was a natural evolution. “When I do a fashion show, the makeup is key," he explains. "It’s not just the clothes or the accessories, but what is going to make the woman or man look beautiful?”

dundas beauty

The Dundas Beauty Bronzer is available in six shades.

(Image credit: Dundas)

Inclusivity is the hallmark of the pointedly yellow-hued line. Not only did Dundas and co-founder Evangelo Bousis want the makeup products to be gender fluid, but they also sought to make products that felt accessible and approachable—regardless of skill level. “Part of looking glamorous is to look effortless,” the brand founders say. “We wanted something that was really flawless but easy to do.” 

The easy-going, “for everyone” brand is poised to be a hit with younger shoppers. “Our collaboration with Revolve really gave us the option to target a younger girl,” Bousis adds. “The Revolve customer is so on point with the brand ethos of looking sexy and happy and glamorous—this makeup is just another extension of that. It just made so much sense.” 

To shop the new range, and discover the founders’ favorites, scroll ahead. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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