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8 Diverse Crochet Hairstyles Natural-Haired Women Will Love

You won't have to touch your hair for eight weeks. Dreams really do come true.


Naturalistas know that, when it comes to protective styles, the options just keep getting better. Protective natural styles are popular for a reason: They allow you to wear your hair in a myriad of ways without the need for hot tools, which can cause damage, breakage, and weak strands if over-used. One of the most gorgeous ways to rock a protective style is with a crochet hairstyle.

Crochet hairstyles are created with crochet braids, a special method of braiding that installs extensions onto your hair. Crochet hair can be worn straight, braided, twisted, or curly, and can last up to eight weeks if cared for properly. Yes, eight whole weeks. They're the most practical protective style of the bunch because they require the least amount of upkeep. Perhaps that's why crochet hair has been favored by busy celebs like Issa Rae, Lupita Nyong'o, and Solange Knowles, each woman rocking her own chic, unique look. Check out the most popular styles on Instagram, below, then bring this article to your stylist.

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1 Free-Flowing, Natural Curls

If you like undone and carefree curls, replicate this style. To add a little height to your hair, look for springy, bouncy curls when buying your crochet hair, like this extensions brand. Then, use a wide tooth comb like this Revlon Perfect Styling Comb Set For Thick & Curly Hair to tease each curl for extra volume.

2 Extra-Long, Shaggy Curls

Here's proof that crochet hair has the ability to gift you with goddess-level curls. Warning: this style takes hours and hours of sitting, but it's obviously worth the wait. Part your hair into tiny sections and braid a couple inches down, stopping prematurely at the root. Brush out your hair for these effortless, shaggy-looking curls.

3 A Shapely, Textured Bob

Adding shape and structure to your crochet curls can create a unique, fashion-forward look, like this face-framing style with chin-length curls and major dimension. Fluff up your curls with your hands to amp up the texture.

4 Honey-Highlighted Curls

Going for color is the easiest way to take your crochet style to the next level. Dress up your chocolate locks with honey highlights. This gorgeous photo is evidence your curls will catch the light and garner hundreds of Instagram likes.

5 Close-Cut Curls

Crochet curls look good at every length. If short hair is your style, rock a curly 'do like this—ringlets look even more defined with a short cut. As I mentioned above, color, like this eye-catching platinum hue, makes everything better. Be sure to consult a stylist on which shade will suit your skin tone the best.

6 Faux Dreadlocks

How gorgeous are these faux locs using crochet hair? If you're not sure about making a permanent commitment to dreadlocks, crochet hair lets you try out the look first. Faux locs are a beast to master on your own, though, so I recommend taking an inspiration photo like this to a salon that specializes in faux loc styles. A professional will know how to replicate this specific crochet method.

7 Wavy, Goddess Locs

There are so many things to love about this style. For one, this is another rendition of faux locs commonly known as "Goddess Locs," a wavier style. Second, the gradual blend from black-t0-brown-to-honey blonde is a stunning take on ombré. Add this to your saved hair collection on Insta ASAP if you haven't yet.

8 A Crochet Ponytail

As gorgeously proven, braided styles pair perfectly with crochet hair. Let your creative juices take over and experiment with cornrows and added embellishments like hair jewelry (try these gold cuffs and stretchy ribbon). Bring this look together with a curly crochet ponytail that adds extra volume.


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