The 26 Best Fragrances of 2019, According to a Scent-Obsessed Beauty Editor

This crop of scents made the cut.

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Fragrance and I have this thing going on, and we've been going strong for some time now. This is how it goes: I'll date my favorites for a while, then break up with them when a hot new fragrance comes along with a scent that instantly steals my heart—it's complicated, I know, and probably a bit unhealthy, but it works.

The onset of 2019 brought along a fresh new crop of fragrances I've been courting all year, and I need to talk about them. Even after a year, it's quite impossible to choose one favorite, so I plan on keeping all of the below in rotation during the new decade. Whether you're attracted to fresh florals or strong and woody musk scents, one of the below will grab your attention. I'm apologizing in advance for making you splurge, but I promise once your nose catches a whiff you won't have one regret. Plus, "you smell so good" is one of the highest compliments, and who doesn't love compliments? Thought so.

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Maya Allen
Maya Allen

Maya Allen is the former Digital Beauty Editor at where she covered makeup, skincare, haircare, wellness, you name it! She has a 15-step skincare routine, owns over 200 red lipsticks, and enjoys testing the latest and greatest in beauty. On most weekends, you can find her at her happy place, which is her makeup vanity. There, she’s usually blasting her speakers while singing along to lyrics at the top of her lungs, and making sure her highlighter is on point.