The 10 Best Floral Fragrances, According to Marie Claire Editors

I promise, these smell nothing like your grandma.

best floral fragrance including chloe, dioriviera, and more
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For the longest time, I refused to wear anything in the floral fragrance family. I feared smelling stale or too pungent or offensive thanks to an overpowering swarm of rose. But oh, how wrong I was. After doing a deep dive into the world of eau de parfums, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best floral fragrances are concocted with sophistication. Some smell light, airy, and are perfect for summer. Others have a subtle sweetness that marries floral notes with fruity or gourmand hints. Many, you wouldn’t even guess have a floral composition, as woody, aquatic, and spicy notes mesh together. 

“The floral category has been a fan-favorite for a long time, but I think there are cool new iterations and formulations that give florals a new sophistication,” Ellis Brooklyn founder Bee Shapiro says. “We’ve been on a gourmand kick for so long, that fresh takes on florals feel modern. I would look for new takes on tuberose, rose, and gardenia.” Cult classics from brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Diptyque will always have a spot on the list, but newer innovations from Dior, Krigler, and Byredo are quickly gaining popularity. 

To find out which floral fragrance I, along with the rest of the Marie Claire team, deem to be the best of the best, keep reading.

What to Look For in Floral Perfumes

  • Specific Notes 

Floral notes run the gamut—you’ll find the obvious rose note in some, but you’ll also see geranium, lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia, violet, neroli—the list goes on. The concentration and depth of each note will vary fragrance-to-fragrance. 

  • Concentration 

Pay attention to whether your fragrance is an eau de parfum or eau de toilette—it indicates how long-lasting your fragrance will be. “Alcohol really works as a carrier and disperser of scent, making it the ideal base for perfume,” Abel founder Francis Shoemack previously told us. An eau de parfum will have more perfume, less alcohol, whereas an eau de toilette will have less perfume and more alcohol, which means its scent is more fleeting. 

The Best Floral Fragrances, According to Marie Claire Editors

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