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How to Get the Beachy, Wavy Hair of Your Dreams

You don't need to be on vacation to pull these looks off.

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It's nice to dream about those I-just-left-the-beach-and-there's-still-salt-in-my-hair waves, that's not your reality right now. Beach waves come in handy when you're on day.. I don't know...12 of not washing your hair (you've lost count at this point) and need a quick fix fast. Some of the best beachy waves hairstyles don't look like you tried hard at all, although some certainly do require just a little maintenance. But have no fear—we'll tell you exactly how to make them work.

There's beauty in the versatility of tousled, undone, messy waves; they're the prefect hybrid between effortless and cool, which is why you see them everywhere. From the red carpet to real life, beachy waves are always appropriate. No matter your length or texture, bangs or not, the soft, textured waves just work. The best part: You can literally wear waves for days on end, and they start to look even better once they're worn in. It's a style that lasts—so if you're feeling lazy (which we really all are right now), waves are your friends. Here, celebrity stylists share their techniques on how to get those bombshell beachy waves you want, and a few gorgeous ways to wear waves to get you started.

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Chrissy Teigen's Classic Beach Waves

Chrissy and her glossy tousled waves have always suited her well—it's one of her signature styles on the red carpet. Adding gradual highlights adds dimension to your waves.

Celeb stylist Jen Atkin shares her trick for this tousled look: "One of my favorite tricks for styling hair is ‘the clip trick," Atkin explains. "This is an easy, no-fuss way to get incredible natural-looking waves. Spray damp hair generously with wave spray then use duck bill clips to create a dent in the hair, pushing the hair up at the root, then clipping into place, pushing the hair up underneath it, and clipping into place until the entire head has been clipped and the hair is in an S-pattern. Let your hair air dry or blow-dry over the clips. Then, remove the clips, scrunch and you’ve got beach waves."

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Bella Hadid's Voluminous Waves

If you naturally have fine hair, like supermodel Bella Hadid, beachy waves are a great way to trick the eye with volume.

Celebrity stylist and co-founder of R+Co, Garren, recommends latheringthe brand's soft wave spray to breathe life into limp hair. "After you shampoo and condition your hair, that’s when I would apply the product," Garren suggests. "For fine and straight hair, form the waves with your hands with a wide-tooth comb and caress it with a diffuser to help dry the hair a little quicker.”

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Rihanna's Half-Up Half-Down Waves

Pull half of your waves up into a high pony for a style that's equal parts fun and playful. Especially with a side of slicked baby hair, which is something Rihanna always gets so right. Once your hair is secured into a pony, take a curling iron through a few sections of your hair. Uniformity is unnecessary with beachy waves, so you don't need to curl your whole head of hair.

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Lucy Boynton's Blunt, Wavy Bob

Actress Lucy Boynton's blunt bob proves how versatile effortless waves look at any length. A tousled texture adds a level of coolness to your cut. To extend this style, be sure to apply volume mousse, which is celebrity stylist Tyler Laswell's go-to technique to prep the hair for fab beach waves.

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Zendaya's Slicked-Back Pony

Sleekness and waves can't co-exist...said no one ever. Zendaya's slicked-back low ponytail comes with a wow factor: massive texture. I'm so here for it—it adds such a surprising element to her sleek style. Lots of hairspray is needed to tease this pony to perfection.

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Lana Condor's Piece-y Black Bob With A Hint of Color

If you look closely, you can see Lana Condor snuck in purple clip-ins on her bob, which works so well with this fun style if you want to experiment with temporary color. She went for soft waves to add a bit of shape and structure to this blunt cut. That, shine, though, is everything.

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Emily Ratajkowski's Baby Bangs Paired With Beachy Waves

Does this picture make you want micro bangs right now? Same. The composition of her bangs, layers, and waves frame her face so beautifully. To recreate this style, Laswell suggests using your fingers and taking small to medium-size sections of your hair and stretching it from the root to create natural volume. "After blow-drying, take 1-inch thick, by 3-inches wide sections of your hair, and gently clamp with a flat-iron. Then flat-rock it back and forth with your wrist as you pull down the hair shaft," Laswell explains.

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Ciara's Loose, Shaggy Waves

When it comes to waves, perfect definition is the last thing you want. Like Ciara, embrace shaggy, undone waves by taking a flat-iron, starting from the root to tip alternate the iron from left to right to create a soft bend. Then, after your waves have cooled for a few minutes, take a wide-tooth comb and rake it through your hair for this effortless finished look.

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Kat Mara's Short, Wispy Waves

Who says beachy waves only belong on long hair? Take Kate Mara's cool-girl cut, for example. Edge up a heavy bang by adding a few lifted waves. For long-lasting volume, hold texture spray two inches away from your hair and spritz a generous amount for added shine without the crunch, thanks to the glycerin and wheat protein in its formula.

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Demi Lovato's Voluminous Side Part

Bobs get a lifting boost when you create an off-center part. A dry volume spray like this one can add height without the bulk or crunchiness of some hairsprays.

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Lili Reinhart's Center Part

If you have fine hair that you haven't had a chance to wash in a day or two, take a leaf out of Lili Reinhart's book and plump up your roots with hairspray while adding a little texture to the ends.

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Gabrielle Union's Picture Perfect Bends

Gabrielle Union looks like a walking goddess with these waves, which are on the tighter, more defined end of texture. The best thing about waves like this is they last, so you'll have waves for days. Soon, these waves will loosen and fall, revealing a messier texture you'll still want to rock. Part your hair into sections and use a tapered styling wand for this spiral s-wave effect.

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Shay Mitchell's Windswept Waves

An easy way to get tons of texture without styling tools is by twisting, braiding, or pulling your hair back into a twisted bun. Work with your texture, not against it. Don't get frustrated, though, this may take trial and error, so be patient with yourself. As you braid, twist, or wrap your hair into a bun, a wave cream into your hair to assist along the way. Let this protective style sit for a while, and sleep on it if you can for the best results. You'll wake up to the most natural looking waves.

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Kristen Stewart's Chic, Choppy Bob

Do you have a hair pomade laying around? Slick one side of your lob down, and amp up the other side with I-woke-up-like this waves for that "IDGAF I'm cute" look. If you need inspo, Kristen Stewart is serving per usual.

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Laura Harrier's Old Hollywood Waves

To give your beach waves a classic feel, go the Old Hollywood route like Laura Harrier. It instantly dresses up your waves with a more glamorous treatment, if that's the look you're going for. Take medium-size sections of your hair, then use a large barrel curling iron, and curl it towards your face. Finish off with pin curls using clips to lock your waves in place.

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Jennifer Lawrence's Effortless Bun

All other low bun lewks can go home now, Jennifer Lawrence wins. Last summer, Lawrence pulled this off at the premiere of Fox's Dark Phoenix and turned heads (at least mine) when she stunned on the red carpet rocking this style. Low buns are inherently low maintenance, but when paired with waves, it's taken to the next-level. Part your hair down the middle and leave face-framing strands down in the front, pulling the rest back. Add a bit of texturizing spray then you're out the door.

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Gisele Bundchen's Shaggy (and Sassy) High Pony

You're welcome: another no-fuss style at your service brought to you by Gisele Bundchen. It's no surprise that a legendary supermodel wears bombshell beach waves well. But Bundchen's 2017 Met Gala beauty look was unexpected and fun. She simply swept up her waves into a mid-level ponytail, adding a super subtle bouffant for volume. Add volume spray for good measure. This is all the proof that this lived-in look is red carpet worthy.

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Kerry Washington's Wavy Pony Paired With Wispy Bangs

Everyone wants to feel as fierce as Kerry Washington looks in this photo (that bone structure, though). The good news is you can—just get wispy fringe bangs and style them with a wavy ponytail. Don't want to commit to cutting your bangs? No problem: clip-in bangs do exist and you'll trick everyone into thinking they're real, which is probably what Washington is wearing on this red carpet. Try the below top-rated clip-in bangs on Amazon to see what all the hype is about.

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