The 25 Best Body Washes for Every Skin Type and Price Point

Face-quality skincare products for below the neck.

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It's 2023, so it's high time you stop shortchanging your shower experience. Your caddy can use a shiny new body wash, ready to douse your skin in loads of hydration and leave it feeling softer than ever. Sure, one might think that body wash isn't exactly the sexiest skincare product out there, but that's simply not true anymore! Body wash and shower gel formulas are more luxurious than ever, and it's becoming more and more important to put thought behind the ingredients you're putting on your skin below the neck, which should not come secondary to the skin on your face. (If your skin is dry and sensitive, check out our list of our favorite body butters, creams, and lotions, bar none.) This list includes budget-friendly picks and a few splurge-worthy options if you really want to treat yourself.

How important is body wash?

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Very. If you've got summer body acne that just won't seem to budge, an effective body wash can add an added layer of offense when battling stubborn pimples and those annoying AF keratosis pilaris bumps. Even better, a really good body wash goes beyond simple skin benefits; it can aid in your moment of self-care in the shower where you reflect, meditate, and think on all your best ideas (a scientifically proven fact!). So whether you're dealing with eczema, in need of a detoxifying treatment, or searching for a leaner formula, we've rounded up the best of the best body washes at every single price point to indulge in. Your shower will never bse the same.

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