The 14 Best Glitter Nail Polishes for a Little Extra Sparkle

Because we’ll never grow up.

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I love a good Lincoln Park After Dark or Ballet Slippers as much as the next girl, but I’ll always stand by the fact that nothing—and I mean nothing—is as fun or exciting as one of the best glitter nail polishes. Because whether you’re going full-blown sparkle, adding a subtle topper, or doing a lil' accent nail, glitter flecks instantly elevate just about any manicure in one coat. And given that the holiday season is here, there’s no better time to take a few shades for a test run. Whether you’re in the market for a barely-there iridescent shimmer or you fall into the more-is-more category and want chunky sequins, I’ve got you covered. Here, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the best glitter nail polishes of all time. From disco ball-esque OPI colors to Essie top coats that’ll give you some extra sparkle, scroll ahead to shop team Marie Claire’s top picks. 

What to Look For in Glitter Nail Polish


When picking your player, the size of your glitter flecks is one of the most important factors—it has everything to do with the final outcome. “I really like mixed-sized glitter nail polishes,” says nais artist Hang Nguyen. “Some big flecks with some small sizes together work really nicely.” A combo of different sizes will give your final look more dimension and typically provides a more even coat. 


Glitter polish can range from a translucent topper to a full-density pigment—the one you choose is totally up to you, but you might want to keep a few things in mind. A full-coverage glitter is much less work to apply and will give you a sparklier finish. If a subtle topper is more your speed, you’ll likely want to find a perfect match to your base coat. “I love putting color under glitter,” says Nguyen. “It makes it pop more and also helps give it more coverage. For example, if you’re using green glitter, find a green polish similar to the green glitter and apply that first. 


Let’s be honest: You can’t really go wrong with any color. Do a spin on Barbiecore with a hot pink shade, take a page out of Wednesday Addams' playbook and go for a glitzy black, or, follow Nguyen’s advice and stick to the classics. “All colors are great, but it seems the timeless shades are always silver and gold,” says. “But for the holidays, anything goes.” 

The Best Glitter Nail Polishes

Meet the Expert

Hang Nguyen

A classically trained painter, Hang approaches each nail like a tiny canvas waiting to come alive. She brings this trailblazing style and distinctive vision to viral brand collabs, magazine covers, and her loyal 230k+ followers.

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