The 20 Best Summer Nail Polish Colors for 2023, According to Pros

Bright pastels are trending.

woman with pink nail polish for summer
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I love having a signature nail polish shade as much as the next person. It’s easy—one-and-done. But now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to switch up the status quo with one of the best summer nail colors. Try something new! Go wild! Mix and match! “Wear the colors that appeal to you. Do the colors bring and give joy? That is the trend for summer 2022. We’re in the moment of, ‘I like it, so I am wearing it,’” says LaJuana Smith Huebner (opens in new tab), Sparitual’s nail and body brand educator. 

And, while we’re in full support of picking whichever nail polish trend speaks to you, we’re also well aware that staring at a wall of 500-plus bottles in a salon can be one of the most overwhelming experiences known to man. Nail pro Julie Kandalec, who works with everyone from Sophie Turner to Camila Cabello, says you can't go wrong with lilacs, bright pastels, yellows, mint greens, chromes, or aqua tones. And don’t underestimate the popularity of nail art either. “Colorful French tips, ‘90s and 2000s nostalgic art like designer logos, drippy smiley faces, pastel clouds, and checkerboards are some of the hottest looks this season,” she explains. 

For a full breakdown of all the summer nail polish inspo, keep reading. Because whether you’re searching for a gel polish that’s going to keep things interesting for two weeks time or are digging through the depths of your under-the-sink nail polish storage bin, you’re bound to find one of the best summer nail colors, ahead.  

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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