10 Non-Basic Rose Gold Nail Polishes That Are Perfect for a Holiday Party

Flashy nails are more fun.

10 Gorgeous Rose Gold Nail Polishes
(Image credit: Courtesy/Morgan McMullen)

If you're in want of a nail color that will spark a deluge of compliments, add rose gold to your lineup. Think of rose gold as yellow gold's cool older sister—cut from the same cloth, but bolder and more sophisticated. Rose gold has a warm-toned base, which means the shade suits an array of skin tones. But warning: While rose gold goes with everything, it is a big step away from neutral and not a hue that will blend in (just in case understated nails are your thing). Even so, with holiday parties on your calendar, you have every reason to get a little extra with your nails. Plus, it's an extremely photogenic nail color so you'll want to Instagram it. Scroll through for metallic, holographic, and shimmery rose gold nail polishes that are party-ready.