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18 Winter Makeup Trends Worth Trying This Season

They'll have you feeling 0 to 100 real quick.

winter beauty trends

The colder months promise the opportunity to wear an obscene amount of comfy sweaters, break out the parkas hidden under your bed, drink peppermint mochas galore (the supreme holiday drink), and listen to an unhealthy amount of Christmas music. It also means borderline-Sahara-desert dry skin, wintery nail polish, and a whole new list of makeup trends. Yes, despite the fact we may not be seeing each other IRL much these days, the beauty gods have still blessed us with some new ideas we're itching to replicate.

The thought of sitting in front of your mirror with your old faithful products may seem daunting—especially this year—but the best thing about beauty is its ability to make you go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds (okay, maybe minutes). Call me vain, but there's something about a bold lip or an out-there eyeliner that just makes me feel a certain way!

While we still have fan favorites like glossy red lips and rosy cheeks to look forward to this winter, there's a whole bunch of new styles to behold. Ahead, check out our favorite winter 2020 beauty trends and products to help you get going.

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Sharp Flicks

Forget the typical cat liner, and extend those lines as far as can go. There's no need to continue the liner all the way to the inner corner. By keeping the liner towards the outer edges of the eye, that dramatic lifted look is amplified.

Master Mattes™ Liquid Eyeliner

If this eyeliner is good enough for the Kardashian clan, you know it does the job. It dries matte on the eyes, won't budge if you take a midday dance break. Plus, it's easy enough for a novice to wield.

Monochromatic Looks

This season is all about matchy-matchy. The good news is that your lips will never clash with your eyes. A warm lip with warm eyes and rosy cheeks is the look you won't stop seeing. As an added bonus, it means you need fewer palettes!

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush
Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

Available in eight shades and in matte or dewy finishes, this liquid blush is ideal for perfecting that just-kissed flush. Plus, it can be applied on the eyelids to really get that monochromatic look going.

Strobe Highlights

Subtle is so last year. Forget a natural glow, it's time to up the ante. Get a bold highlight–bonus points if it's in an unnatural shade–and watch the light bounce off your cheekbones.

Holographic Stick

These holographic highlighters give you a glow with an extra boost of Coachella-esque drama. Simply swipe and blend to watch the high points of the face really pop.

Gilded Lids

Gold is a wintertime beauty staple that never gets old. For a subtle glam look, swap out warm browns for a beautiful gold shade. Nothing says "holiday season" like matching your jewelry to your face.

Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint

This product starts as a liquid and transforms into a powder for maximum ease of use. Swipe it on and manipulate it when it's still a liquid, then watch it dry down and become budge-proof. Talk about the best of both worlds! 

Bold Brows

Brows can never really go out of style. If you want to go minimal for your winter look, give those babies some extra love. Fill them in, brush them out, and definitely put those tweezers away.

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Ink

This pen allows you to draw natural-looking brow hairs while still making brows look fuller than ever. The color is long lasting, meaning if you accidentally touch your brows, half your drawn-on masterpiece won't come off.

Bedroom Eyes

Since our eyes are getting a lot more attention this season, why not make them a statement point? Turn up the sultriness with some gorgeous '60s makeup. Stick to matte shadows and smokey liner to turn up the heat.

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay sephora.com

Consider this the only palette you ever need for a sexy, matte eye look. With six shades, you can contour, highlight and smoke-ify your eyes with ease.

Shocking Silver

Silver has been so underrated, but we're changing that this season. A hint of glam transforms a traditional eye look into something worthy of 1,000 selfies. Simply trade your wing with a silver liner and watch the compliments roll in.

Highliner Liquid Gel Eyeliner
Marc Jacobs Beauty

This liner packs powerful pigment, which makes it easy to glamify a simple look. This is basically pure silver in a tube. Swipe it under a cat eye to make a standard look high-drama.

Vote Blue

We've seen purples, yellows, and reds make their way onto our eyelids, but why not switch it up with some blue? Your look will look stunning, and you only need a single shade to make some waves.

Caviar Stick Eye Shadow
Laura Mercier

This eyeshadow comes in a convenient and travel-friendly stick. The color payoff is intense, making it perfect for carving out colorful eye looks with. 

'60s-Inspired Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is slowly becoming a thing of the past as more people have started to stretch their eyeliner beyond their waterlines. Feel free to leave the inside blank when replicating yours, but your long-forgotten metallic eyeshadow hues deserve to have some fun, too.

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Bobbi Brown

Eyeliner can be a pain to put on sometimes, but with a product as easy to use as this one, it's a piece of cake. The brush (sold separately) has the precision of a liquid liner and works wonder with the gel-based formula. Simply put: It's genius.

Less Powder, More Dew

There's no such thing as too much moisture, especially when it comes to battling the high and lows of wintery weather. Switch out your finishing powder for a mist, and your skin will seriously thank you.

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Two to three sprays of this mist before applying your makeup and the result will be incredibly gorgeous and dewy. It's packed with Okinawa red algae and hyaluronic acid that'll leave your skin seriously moisturized all day.

A Strong Red Lip

Is it winter without a red lip? The darker the shade, the better—take a dab on your finger and pop it on your apples to add some much-needed color to your cheeks.

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso

Lipsticks in 2020 require long-lasting staying power, thanks to that stockpile of masks you have hanging around the house. This formula glides on like a gloss but dries in a nice six-hour staying matte. You're going to want every shade.

Statement Eyeliner

If this year taught us anything in beauty, it's that the bolder the eyeliner, the better, which is why the look is sticking around in the winter months. Shades of glitter, neon, even cow print rocked Instagram feeds, because it looks just so damn good on every kind of eye shape.

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Midnight Blue Shimmer
Marc Jacobs Beauty

Get the effect of glitter eyeliner without the hassle of gluing on individual flecks. This waterproof gel pencil glides on hassle-free and leaves a shimmering result that sticks around for 12-hours without fading or smearing.

Lip Liner

Using a handy-dandy lip pencil, line outer rims of your lips then fill in using a similar shade of lipstick. It creates fuller lips in no time and looks so chic.

Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner Makeup in Almond Rose
Maybelline New York
$4.68 (33% off)

Throw it back to the '90s by picking up this lip liner next time you find yourself at the drugstore. Bonus: The creamy pencil comes with a built-in sharpener, so your lines will always be on point.

Spider Eyelashes

The side effect of applying too many coats of mascara is cool again, and we really don't hate it. The trick is to wet your eyelashes before applying mascara so that the formula will adhere to groups rather than individual lashes.


Chanel's Snowflakes brush works wonders. It's a combination of long and short bristles that deliver an extreme eye-opening effect, perfect for layering on to create spider lashes.

Glittery Lids

The holidays to glitter are like peanut butter to jelly: They would be lost without each other. Call it holiday spirit or the fact that you really want new episodes of Euphoria, but glitter eyeshadow just adds something special.

Metallic Glitter in Beauty Beam
NYX Professional Makeup

A little goes a long way when using this cruelty-free vegan product. Set up like a shaker, it's easy to get the right amount of glitter you need without all the mess. The shine factor you'll get? Seriously out of this world. 

Soap Brows

The viral Tiktok hack turned IRL beauty trend shapes your brows and sets them all day long. The secret: Soap contains a fat known as glycerin that coats your hairs' surface and keeps them in place—and costs next to nothing.

Soap Brows
West Barn Co

So you could go out and buy your run-of-the-mill clear bar of soap, but companies like West Barn Co have done all the work for you. Unlike traditional soap, this formula has an instant thickening effect specially designed for your brows. Spoolie brush included. 

Disco Hues

Smoky eye who? Back away from your black and grey eyeshadows and pick up a shiny purple or blue instead. It's still committing to the idea of dramatic eyeshadows, but doing so with a vibrant palette.

Cosmetics Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Cosmetics

Now speaking of gorgeous vibrant colors, just look at this eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. The beauty brand has an array of top-notch palettes, but this selection of peachy neutrals, lavenders, violets, and deep purple eyeshadows can be worn all year round.

Rosy Cheeks

You could stand outside in a seriously bad wind storm with below freezing wind temps. Or you could apply some red blush for the same effect. Whether you're missing your summer glow or just want some color, a deep red or pink is always a good idea.

Blush Trio in Berry Adore
Anastasia Beverly Hills

The pigmentation on this selection of blushes is out-of-this-world amazing. You only need a little to give you long-lasting color that sticks around from daytime Zoom calls to a (socially-distant) nighttime happy hour.

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