The 15 Best Volumizing Mascaras for Phenomenal Lashes

Warning: Everyone will be asking, "Are those real?"

volumizing mascara
(Image credit: Getty Images/Nicky J Sims)

Mascara has been having a moment. Given that masks remain a necessary accessory and our lipstick collections are getting a little dusty, it's all about opening up your gaze with one of the best mascaras and letting your eyes shine. Maybe you've added some new palettes to your arsenal, freshened up your dwindling eyeliner collection with some glittery options, or fully committed to rehabbing your brows back to their full, bushy glory. But there's one thing that will always take your eye look to the next level: a big, bad, volumizing mascara.

Sure, more length is always great, but lately, we're all about pumping up the pigment and thickness of each hair to balance out much of our face being covered. For those with barely-there hairs, a volumizing formula can cling to even the slightest lashes and create the illusion of dense, inky fringe that's usually only achievable with falsies. Even if you love your natural lashes the way they are, a formula that amps up your God-given assets can take any smoky eye or feline flick up a notch. For those no-makeup makeup days, a coat or two of mascara can make you look instantly together, even if you're feeling like you're all over the place. Here, we've rounded up the best, most volume-inducing formulas for every type of lash and occasion so you can put your best gaze forward.

Taylore Glynn is a former beauty and wellness editor for Allure. Previously, she served as beauty and health editor at Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, and her work has appeared in Refinery29, Town & Country, Compound Butter, and RealSelf. She holds a master's degree in English and Creative Writing from Monmouth University. If you need her, she’s probably at the movies, braising a chicken, or evening out her cat eyeliner.