The 11 Best Face Mists for Glowing Skin

Spritz and go.

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Ah, summer, how we've missed you! It's time to shed the jackets, throw the sweatpants under the bed, and start fresh—with your wardrobe, obviously, but with your beauty game too. While some of your heavier creams and lotions can't handle the humidity, lightweight formulas will nourish your skin just as well. One of our favorite ways to achieve an instant refresh: A hydrating face mist.

Do face mists really work?

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Yes! If you don't already have a face spray in your arsenal, now is the time. I started out by keeping my favorite mist next to my desk for a midday pick-me-up when my makeup started caking or my skin felt dry. Now, I've integrated mists into both my morning and night routines. They can actually help increase the efficacy of your other products; their humectant properties can help the rest of your routine sink into the skin better.

How should I pick a face mist?

Mists are absolutely not one size fits all. Some quell redness with a quick spritz, whole others target dullness to increase overall glowiness. Some are perfect for adding a dewy sheen to a full-face of makeup or even a bare face. Here, we've rounded up the most refreshing mists for every skin type and skincare need. It's time to get to spritzing.

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