Behold: The Complete Evolution of Taylor Swift’s Hair Since 2006

It's a love story, TBH.

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If you've followed any of Taylor Swift's life over the last decade, you already know how many transformations she's been through, morphing from a fresh-faced, country-singing newb to a chart-topping, feud-waging pop star, with a few (dozen) hair changes along the way.

And to remind you of just how much Taylor Swift has changed since 2006 (yes, you're old; we're all old), we rounded up her best, most memorable hair moments of the last decade, from her curling-iron curls to her platinum-blonde lob. Check out our favorites, ahead.

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1 When She Started With Perfectly Spiraled Curls in 2006
2 And Then Entered an Era of Very Romantic Updos In 2007
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3 The First Time She Loosened Up Her Curls in 2011
4 And Then Played With Flat Iron-Straight Hair in 2011
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5 Before Getting Bangs and Going Fully Straight in 2012
6 When She Added in a Voluminous, Messy Texture in 2013
7 Then Chopped It Off Into a Beachy Lob in 2014
8 And Then Tried a Sculpturesque Bang Wave in 2014
9 Before Swooping and Slicking Them Down in 2014
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10 When She Went Full-On Shaggy Lob in 2015
11 And Then Played With a Sleek, Blunt Bob in 2016
12 Which She Then Dyed Platinum Blonde in 2016
13 Before Dyeing It Back to the Natural, Taylor-Swift Blonde We All Know and Love in 2017
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