The 12 Best Summer Hair Colors You'll Want to Copy

Including Hailey Bieber's "Expensive Brunette" and Emma Chamberlain's bleach blonde.

Hailey Bieber attends the GRAMMYs in Las Vegas in April 2022 with highlighted hair
(Image credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagi)

Is it just me, or does every celebrity I follow on Instagram seem to change up their look every single summer? Natural brunettes tend to add a few blonde pieces, redheads seem to add even more copper tones to their hair—which is all to say that just about everyone goes bigger and brighter in the warmer months. But how can you know exactly what color to go for this summer, or how to maintain the look after you’ve left the salon? To break down exactly what the best summer hair colors are for 2023, I chatted with a few of the top colorists and stylists—and their answers have me wanting to run to the salon first thing tomorrow morning. 

How To Find Your Perfect Summer Hair Color

When deciding how to find your best hair color for the new season, start off by taking a look in the mirror. “I do think that hair color all starts with your skin color and eye color. You really want to go to a professional and ask them what works with your skin tone,” says Justin Anderson, celebrity hairstylist and founder of haircare and color brand dpHue. If you have olive undertones, Anderson recommends “more golden tones or buttery tones” to match the naturally warmer levels in their skin. If you’re more pale, he says to go with ashier tones instead. 

When it comes to hair trends overall, Anderson thinks that the future is bright–but he notes that taking care of your roots is just as important. “After the pandemic people want to take care of their roots, they want to be nice and bright this summer,” he says. Ahead, keep reading to find out all about the biggest summer hair trends for 2023, straight from the best celebrity stylists and colorists who are behind creating the trends themselves. 

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