Celebrities Are Starting a Pink Hair Renaissance

It all began with Kylie Jenner.

Megan Fox with pink hair.
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Two is a coincidence, three is a trend. And when Kylie Jenner makes four, you have a movement on your hands. Pink hair is having a moment and celebrities including Jenner, Megan Fox, Ciara, and Shania Twain are taking note.

Throughout Super Bowl weekend, Fox, Ciara, and Twain all took cues from Jenner (who possibly took a cue from Karol G, who possibly took a cue from early 2010s Jenner) and wore blush-hued hairstyles. One by one, the women appeared online with similar hair colors, each suited to their individual style. Two of the stars even ran into each other (Fox and Ciara, at Roc Nation's Sports Super Bowl Party on Friday, February 9).

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The women championing this emerging trend have a hairstylist in common: celebrity favorite Dimitris Giannetos, who tackled all three famous heads. The first to go pretty in pink was Fox, who showed off the color a week earlier at the Grammys. A bit more bubblegum-hued than her counterparts, she kept her dark roots, wearing the candy color with a "rock n roll texture," wet look, and punky Pamela Anderson-inspired updo over the course of the weekend.

Next came Twain ("Blush locks for legendary Shania Twain!" wrote Giannetos in an Instagram post on Friday, February 9), whose cool roots featured less of a stark contrast than Fox's. With blonde highlights weaved in, her hair was worn down to her waist, middle parted and softly curled.

Russell Wilson and a pink-haired Ciara pose at a 2024 Super Bowl party.

Russell Wilson and a pink-haired Ciara pose at a 2024 Super Bowl party.

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Ciara rounded out the trio, embracing long, pink-blonde hair to kick off an eventful weekend (and a series of brilliant game day weekend looks). "Noo bc if I keep seeing this hair mine is gonna be pink again," commented a fan on Giannetos' photo of the "How We Roll" singer. "On Super Bowl Sunday, we wear pink," wrote another.

After Jenner dyed her hair pink in January, online searches for "pink hair dye" increased more than 14 times the average search volume. Searches for "Kylie Jenner pink hair," meanwhile, saw a 1,086 percent increase worldwide.

Jenner has already returned to her dark roots and a Kris Jenner-inspired short haircut to match. Still, with the data to back it up and a new wave of pink ladies officially on our hands, there's no doubt the hue is happening.

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