These 30 Wolf Cuts Prove The Hairstyle Is Still Leading the Pack

Here's how to style them, according to the experts.

A model with a curly short wolf cut walking the runway.
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Since their major moment in summer 2022, everyone in Hollywood has taken the wolf cut hairstyle for a spin. The edgy, shaggy, layered hairstyle has been spotted on the likes of Renée Rapp, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Keke Palmer, with more celebs trying out the cut every day. But where did the style come from? Why is it still trending, and more importantly, why are wolf cuts at Paris Couture Week?

"Wolf cuts are still popular because they are versatile haircuts," explains celebrity hairstylist and Garnier Fructis stylist ambassador Dimitris Giannetos. "The wolf cut is a modern twist on a combination of classic decade haircuts from the '70s and '80s. It's a layered hairstyle that adds dynamic volume for an effortlessly cool look."

Great for adding volume to the hair and framing your face, the wolf cut is still topping lists of the most popular haircuts for a reason. Ahead, experts break down everything you need to know about the edgy style—and what exactly you should ask for when you arrive at the salon to seek out a wolf cut of your very own.

What Is a Wolf Cut?

First things first...what exactly is a wolf cut hairstyle?

Amy Abramite, creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, describes the cut as "a playful combination of a shag and a mullet." The shaggy style features short layers up top that blend into curtain bangs that frame the face.

"The longer lengths are wispy with soft, airy ends that flick out," she explains. "They are disconnected from the front with choppy layers for movement and separation."

New York City-based hair stylist Alexandra Efstratiou, who has long been a fan of edgy, shaggy styles, adds that the style's broad demographic appeal comes from its ability to be worn on curly or straight hair.

How Do You Style A Wolf Cut?

Styling the wolf cut is super easy because it's all about that messy, undone vibe. "Depending on your preference you can leave your hair natural and let the cut work its magic or you can style it with a blowout or waves," says Giannetos.

To nail the look, Devin Graciano, professional hair stylist and chief product officer at Goldie Locks recommends a texture spray, to "amplifies volume and enhances your styling results."

Who Should Get a Wolf Cut?

"My favorite part about the wolf cut is how versatile it is and how amazing it looks on all hair types," says Giannetos. "I specifically recommend it for those with thinner hair because it’ll give the appearance of fuller hair."

Still, one of the reasons wolf cuts have stayed so popular is because they work for everyone. "Its versatility allows for multiple styling options even as it grows out," explains Graciano. "With its layers and personalized fringe you can easily transition from natural texture to a smooth and even voluminous look."

What to Ask For at the Salon

Wolf cuts can look great on different lengths of hair and on different hair textures, so make sure to chat with your stylist about what would look the best on your specific face shape—and how much daily maintenance you're hoping to complete. Because there are so many ways to go with length and texture, inspiration photos are always helpful.

Celebrity Wolf Cut Hairstyles

Smooth Wolf Cut 

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Billie Eilish posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

If you're looking for Billie Eilish, you'll often find her onstage in a wolf cut hairstyle.

(Image credit: @billieeilish on Instagram)

To this day, the most popular celebrity example of the oh-so-trendy wolf cut is Billie Eilish's ice-blonde shag from 2022—a great example of how to turn your bob hairstyle into something a little edgier while it's in the tricky grow-out phase. With her blonde era behind her, she's still loving the cut...albeit with a slightly softer feel these days. If you ask your hairstylist for a Billie-inspired chop, you'll almost certainly walk out with a new edge. Maybe they'll even convince you to get the lime green roots, too?

Short Wolf Cut 

miley cyrus with a mullet

Miley Cyrus runs her fingers through her wolf cut on the red carpet.

(Image credit: Amy Sussman/Getty)

"Since the bob is so popular this year, I think an amazing way to update the wolf cut is to make it shorter!" says Giannetos. And of course he's right.

If you have more of a bob or lob haircut, consider trying a cut like Miley Cyrus's blonde look above. Her mini-mullet wolf cut is full of voluminous texture (a dry texturizer can help!) that perfectly matches her rock-and-roll persona.

Curly Wolf Cut 

Singer Rita Ora visits the SiriusXM Studios on July 17, 2017

Rita Ora's curly wolf cut defies the decades—can't you imagine this exact look in the '70s?

(Image credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Friends with curly hair, look no further than Rita Ora's shaggy wolf cut to inspire your next chop. The texture is perfectly defined thanks to the layers and, as you can see, the bangs are also doing some major work to keep the curl pattern front and center. Hint: If you're going for this cut, make sure you plan your trim appointments ahead of time so your forehead doesn't suffer in the summer heat.

Heavily Layered Wolf Cut

Sophie Thatcher posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Cool girls everywhere can look to Sophie Thatcher's wolf cut for style inspiration.

(Image credit: @soapy.t on Instagram)

Even if you didn't know how cool Yellowjackets Sophie Thatcher is, you'd be able to tell from her hairstyle, a classic wolf cut with structure that makes her cheekbones pop and incredible height. With major layers around her face, the actress's locks reach all the way to her waist in a display of shaggy perfection—it's a cut so good she even kept it for her role in the movie of the summer, MaXXXine.

Choppy Wolf Cut 

Doja Cat at the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Los Angeles Convention Center on March 14, 2021.

Surprise, surprise! Doja Cat's choppy wolf cut was the work of a wig.

(Image credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

One of the most dramatic wolf-cuts that we've ever seen is Doja Cat's from the 2021 Grammy Awards. Created by Jared Henderson, the look was essentially a mullet with longer face-framing layers.

"I think [wolf cuts] are trending because they’re fun and edgy but aren’t as extreme as a mullet, so they’re less scary and grow out really cute," says Efstratiou. If you want to make even less extreme of a change, take a cue from the artist and grab a wig. As another short wolf cut and wig proponent, Miley Cyrus, would say, it's the best of both worlds.

Piece-y Wolf Cut

A person with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Hairstylist Jumpei Yamashita calls this style a "symmetrical distortion cut."

(Image credit: @yamashita_hodos on Instagram)

If you're still a little confused about the structure of a wolf cut, let this photo be your guide. As Abramite explained earlier, the longer layers are disconnected from the front of the hair by the choppiness of the front layer, adding movement to the look as a whole.

Shaggy Wolf Cut

Renee Rapp posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Renee Rapp's wolf cut is perfect for a performance—the movement couldn't be any better.

(Image credit: @reneerapp on Instagram)

Combine the wolf cut with a summer hair color trend, Bardot blonde, and you have Renee Rapp's edgy style. Never one to go soft with the layers, her signature wolf cut is one of the best examples we have of the style—if you're looking for pre-salon inspiration, just scroll through the singer's Instagram page. And if you're looking to get the look yourself? Try Verb's Volume Dry Texture Spray, which hairstylist Marissa Marino has used to give the Mean Girls star's locks a lived-in feel.

Long Wolf Cut 

Debby Ryan posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

What's the cutest part of this photo: the swing, the denim, or the haircut?

(Image credit: @debbyryan on Instagram)

If your hair is wavy, Debby Ryan's wolf cut is the style for you. I mean, look at that texture! The cut—which she's had for years in different iterations—is also on the longer end, so it serves as a great example of how to change up your below-shoulder-length hair. To get that gorgeous wave, try the best sea salt sprays for great results.

Collarbone Grazing Wolf Cut

Jenna Ortega with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Wednesday Addams might consider swapping her braids for this edgy look, modeled by Jenna Ortega.

(Image credit: @jennaortega on Instagram)

Jenna Ortega's collarbone-grazing wolf cut, chopped by Dave Stanwell, adds some nice texture to a short and straightforward style. For an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in December 2022, she paired the hair with a Wednesday Addams-inspired black outfit.

Medium-Length Wolf Cut

Lizzo posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Lizzo poses with a choppy wolf cut and major blush.

(Image credit: @lizzobeeating on Instagram)

Since Lizzo first jumped on the wolf cut train, we've seen her wearing the style in multiple lengths. While the major choppy layers here initially offer an optical illusion, her hair actually isn't that short. That's just the magic of the cut!

Loosely Styled Wolf Cut

A person with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Dixie D'Amelio's take on the wolf cut is a bit less choppy, but fun all the same.

(Image credit: @dimitrishair on Instagram)

If you're not ready for a full-on wolf cut, you can pay homage to the shape by including some choppy layers in your style. This shag by Giannetos is a great example: though she hasn't fully committed to the style, Dixie D'Amelio still has that rock star edge.

Voluminous Wolf Cut

A woman, Jennifer Lopez, with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Jennifer Lopez shows off a new haircut full of layers.

(Image credit: @jlo on Instagram)

To get J.Lo's look, hairstylist Lorenzo Martin began by creating texture throughout the artist's strands, later adding in blunt bangs that begin just below her brows and blend beautifully through her impressive, shaggy layers (no length was sacrificed).

Soft Wolf Cut

A woman, Kaia Gerber, with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Kaia Gerber's wolf cut is subtle, but it's certainly there.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Contrary to popular belief, the wolf cut and soft girl beauty trend can go hand in hand. Here, Kaia Gerber shows off a gentle approach to the style with soft waves that extend just to her shoulders. But make no mistake, those major layers are there—zoom in near her chin for proof. In true soft girl fashion, a sweep of brown mascara seals the deal.

Pixie Length Wolf Cut

A person, Halsey, with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Halsey's short hairstyle can be described as a wolf cut or pixie.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

No, you don't have to choose between two 2024 hair trends—the magic is finding a stylist that makes everything you're interested in work as one. Here, Halsey shows off an ethereal pixie cut/wolf cut hybrid that's as elegant as it is funky. Hairstylist Marty Harper used Oribe to get the look and perfect that wave, but the sass is the artist's own.

Curly Wolf Cut

A woman, Belissa Escobedo, with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Belissa Escobedo's short curly wolf cut is veering into lob territory.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Short and sweet—that's the Belissa Escobedo way. A straightforward wolf cut in many ways (as straightforward as a wolf cut can be, anyway), the Hocus Pocus 2 actress chose a shorter length...but didn't at all sacrifice the number of layers present. Here, it seems a good curl cream is also at work—I'd suggest Oribe's Curl Control Silkening Cream if you're going for a similar look.

Bleached Wolf Cut

A person with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Giannetos created a bleached wolf cut for Nicole Scherzinger.

(Image credit: @dimitrishair on Instagram)

Another Giannetos creation, this shag on Nicole Scherzinger is everything and then some. While we won't deny that the bleach blonde shade is adding something mighty special to the look, it's also worth noting that the lack of bangs isn't taking anything away. Yet another shaggy take on the wolf cut, this is a style to consider if you're not obsessed with fringe.

Softly Curled Wolf Cut

A woman, Barbie Ferreira, with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Barbie Ferreira gave her wolf cut a toned-down approach with soft curls.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

While we often see wolf cuts with messy textures and "I woke up like this" energy, this softly curled version on Barbie Ferreira is a refreshing change of pace. With some of the layers pinned back, the model and Euphoria actress's dark strands fall softly over her shoulders in perfect tendrils. It's the sweetest wolf cut we ever did see, but don't be fooled—there's still plenty of edge to go around.

Silver Wolf Cut

Cara Delevigne with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Cara Delevingne showed off a metallic wolf cut on the 2023 Met Gala red carpet.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Cara Delevingne is always game for a dramatic hairstyle, and this silver-y wolf cut is a great example. The work of hairstylist Danielle Priano (she's also been guiding Camila Cabello through her wolf cut era), small sections were curled outward with a flat iron for added texture.

'90s Wolf Cut

A woman with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Meg Ryan was one of the wolf cut's original proponents. Forever stylish, forever cute.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

It's always important to credit the classics. Meg Ryan's wispy locks are always the blueprint, and you can see so much of the modern wolf cut at play here.

"I got the famous haircut mostly by accident—in French Kiss I played a character stranded in Paris without luggage, money, or a place to live, so it was a stretch to think she had much opportunity to shampoo," Ryan once wrote for InStyle. "[Hairstylist Sally Hershberger] had to figure out hair that looked bad but sort of good all at once."

After accidentally burning away some of the actress's hair with a curling iron, the stylist was left to "scissor away." Until, voila, "we got what we got."

'70s Wolf Cut

Suki Waterhouse with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Suki Waterhouse's layered hairstyle frames her red pout perfectly.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Another cool hairstyle for another cool girl, Suki Waterhouse's wolf cut was a major talking point around the time she was promoting Daisy Jones and the Six. With a heavy bang and choppy layers starting near her ears, it's a cut that works in a '70s-set musical drama and today.

Sculptural Wolf Cut

Natasha Lyonne posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Natasha Lyonne's famous red hair got a new look with a structural wolf cut.

(Image credit: @natashalyonne on Instagram)

Thanks to a great hair straightener, we can see the full scope of Natasha Lyonne's wolf cut. And although she's worn the style big and bold with her signature curls before, we appreciate the change-up—and inspiration for anyone looking for a shorter style. It's also worth mentioning that colorist Aura Friedman—one of Marie Claire's Best Hair Colorists in New York City—crafted this gorgeous shade of red.

Dip-Dyed Wolf Cut

A person with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Dip-dyed tips add an extra level of intrigue to an already funky style.

(Image credit: @album_nozomi on Instagram)

If you're looking to add even more edge to your style, try a fun dye job. This stark honey blonde to brunette tip situation is a great example, and if you get sick of the ends you can simply chop them when it's time for your next upkeep appointment.

Micro Bang Wolf Cut

A woman with a wolf cut hairstyle in brown hair.

Ivan Gomez's take on a wolf cut includes statement bangs.

(Image credit: @ivangomez on Instagram)

There are so many ways to do up your bangs when you get a wolf cut—you can try a French girl fringe, curtains, or even a straight-across, full design. Here, we see the magic that comes with a micro bang. It's short, it's sassy, and it'll help you beat the summer heat.

Wispy Wolf Cut

Scarlett Johansson with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Over two decades ago, a young Scarlett Johansson seems to have predicted the wolf cut's popularity.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If there's going to be a trend, there has to be a trendsetter. And, as per usual, Scarlett Johansson was more than up for the challenge. In May 2003, the young actress pulled up to a movie premiere with this wispy, feathered haircut—the perfect look if you're trying to lighten up your locks in the summer heat. Will we see her rock the style again in 2024? It's entirely plausible.

Whitney Peak's Blonde Wolf Cut

Whitney Peak with a wolf cut hairstyle in a winter coat.

Actress Whitney Peak with a blonde wolf cut hairstyle.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

In September 2021, Whitney Peak showed up at a Fenty fashion show with her dark hair bleached and chopped into a wolf cut. With her strands cut close around the temples and tapered in the front, her natural waves shone through at the back of her head, swept back into what we could almost call a mullet. But no, this is a wolf cut—and a great one at that.

Edgy Wolf Cut

Katy Perry posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Katy Perry surprised fans with a wolf cut wig during an episode of American Idol.

(Image credit: @katyperry on Instagram)

Katy Perry loves to keep her fans on their toes—and call them out when she needs to. The most recent fan/star fiasco came when the singer wore a faux wolf cut bob to film an episode of American Idol. When her fans didn't show up to compliment the new 'do, she revealed it was a wig—but I'd say it's cute enough that she should think about a real life chop.

It's also worth noting the styling of the bangs here. As it turns out, a full fringe isn't necessary if you're trying to get the look—if you're actually more of a side part person, here's a wolf cut for you.

Glam Wolf Cut

A person with a wolf cut hairstyle.

The heaviness of the layers makes this wolf cut feel ultra-glam.

(Image credit: @victoria.hairart on Instagram)

With this style, you'll find extremely full layers alongside wispy bangs—a lesson in balance that works exceptionally well. The flipped out layers and the framing around the ears are also staples of a wolf cut done well.

Tousled Wolf Cut

Daisy Edgar Jones posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Two excellent trends are at work here: major denim and major layers.

(Image credit: @daisyedgarjones on Instagram)

You'll be hard pressed to show me a photo of Daisy Edgar Jones that I don't immediately connect to her Normal People character, Marianne. And yet! This sweet nod to the wolf cut, which utilizes longer layers, is all Daisy. Notice how the bangs aren't completely even? There's a level of softness here that's incredibly special, made all the better by the warmth of her expertly blended hair color.

Voluminous Curl Wolf Cut

A person with a wolf cut hairstyle.

A curly wolf cut is always a great cut for any time of the year.

(Image credit: @rocaverde on Instagram)

If you have curls, the wolf cut is one of the very best ways to showcase that gorgeous texture. Here, you'll see that while the curls are already defined, the longer layers around the face give the look added dimension and volume. And if you need help with upkeep, scroll through our picks for the best curly hair products (for every hair type).

Wet Look Wolf Cut

Eva Longoria posing with a wolf cut hairstyle.

Eva Longoria's wet wolf cut is a killer style.

(Image credit: @dimitrishair on Instagram)

“Let me tell you, it's award season—people are stepping it up," Eva Longoria told People when she showed up on the red carpet with a wet wolf cut in January 2024. Crafted by Giannetos and dubbed “the Mick Jagger shag," this edgy style was the result of a wig, a pair of scissors, and some expertly applied product. If you're looking to get the style, apply a decent amount of high-shine gel onto your damp hair—we even have a little breakdown inspired by Zendaya!

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