Naomi Watts's Incredible New Hair Color Will Make You Forget All About Bronde

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Diana Vreeland once asked, "Why don't you rinse your blond child's hair in dead champagne to keep it gold?", which Naomi Watts's stylist must have taken to heart when he/she produced the masterpiece that is this color.


At Tuesday's Armani Privé show, the actress stepped out with near-literal spun gold on her head, blunt ends that fell into a chic longer-in-the-front bob, and the freshest face we've seen on a red carpet not for an awards show with "teen" in its name.

Some of her general youthfulness can be attributed to the petal-pink lipstick and that flush—never underestimate the power of some rouge—but the way her blonde catches and even *absorbs* the light like a swath of velvet might have more to do with it.

Sadly, that part's not so easy to replicate unless you've got Marie Robinson's number, but the face-framing bends are totally doable: While you're blow- or air-drying, just periodically place your hands at ear level and push forward to create that S-shape. (Don't forget the frizz halo either.)

As for the rest, the best we can do is direct you to the newest entry in our shade dictionary: "Naomi Watts Is a Living Rembrandt" blonde. Apologies. 😭

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