Kate Bosworth Makes Pink Lips and Rumpled Waves Feel New Again

*And* she did it in 90-degree heat, no less.

Julia Roberts once decreed "Never tuck your hair [behind your ear]. It never looks good." Well, sorry, Julia, because Kate Bosworth and I beg to differ, but I still really liked you in that Givenchy campaign and I hope this doesn't mean we can't still sing "I Say a Little Prayer for You" together someday.

Last night in New York, the meteorological conditions were just right for proving celebrities/long-held makeup theories wrong: It was 90-ish degrees real feel and thunderstorm-y, but the hair and makeup Kate Bosworth wore to a Coach event held at an elevated park managed to both prove Julia Roberts wrong *and* make a "safe" lip color seem not traditional or expected at all. Check it:


Detail #1: the balmy texture of her lipstick, which keeps the whole timelessness factor in check. (Just imagine if it were matte.) Detail #2: the halo of frizz near her center part, which, besides showing that celebrities are at least minimally susceptible to humidity, adds a dose of insouciance.

To approximate this look, all you'll need is Jouer Hydrating Lipstick in Meredith ($22) and one hand, which you'll run lightly across the top of your head as if you're tousling your own hair for defying America's sweetheart. *pat pat*

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