She's Back: M.I.A.'s New Look In "Bring the Noize"

Check out M.I.A.'s bold look in her new "Bring the Noize" video.

Her hair might be bubble gum pink, but M.I.A.'s look in her brand new video for "Bring the Noize" is anything but poppy. In the clip, we join the singer in a smoke-filled warehouse where she packs a punchy beat and spits some heart-palpitating rhymes. As always, her look is nothing short of statement-making, shifting between multi-net braids that cascade over her shoulders to bright pink neon hair, further contrasted by her all-white ensemble. It may be hard to pull off this look day-to-day, but one DIY-worthy element is her golden manicure — we'd do anything for a set of those gilded claws! Tell us what you think about her new look after watching the video below.