Exactly How Kim Kardashian Gets Her Brows Looking So Good

Because yes, I know you were wondering.

Kim Kardashian Anastasia
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It's no secret that Anastasia Soare is the woman behind Kim Kardashian's famous brows. Both are icons on their own accord. Soare is an incredibly successful celebrity makeup artist and the founder of cult-favorite beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. And Kim Kardashian is... Kim Kardashian. The pair have been collaborating forever, but these days, their relationship is only growing stronger.

On Sunday, December 17, the SKIMS founder took to Instagram to share her current favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills product lineup. While celebrities sharing their beauty picks is nothing new, there's something special about Kardashian's behind-the-scenes routine shot: These products look well-loved.

"Nothing like Anastasia Beverly Hills on a Sunday," the reality star shared in her Instagram Stories, showing off a lineup of eight products and tools she holds dear. Luckily, we can tell you exactly what they are.

Kim Kardashian Anastasia

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From left to right, the mother-of-four showed off some Strong Hold Clear Brow Gel, a pair of tapered brow scissors, Pro Pencil in the shade "Base 1," a tweezer, the cult-favorite Brow Wiz brow pencil, an unreleased Pro Balm Pre Wax Prep Balm, Magic Touch Concealer, and a Highlighting Duo Pencil.

"The MVP in Kim’s brow lineup is for sure Brow Wiz in shade medium brown," Soare tells Marie Claire exclusively. "It handles both shading and hair-like detail, fills areas of sparseness, and creates a brow with extremely soft and natural dimension. Whether someone wants a single product that does it all, uses Brow Wiz as their detail in a multi-step routine, or struggles with patches of sparseness, this is the brow pencil that will always deliver.”

While I'm not sure what event Kardashian was headed on Sunday (she spent the rest of her stories showing off her Christmas decorations and discussing her family's proclivity for putting their shoes on couches), I can only guess it was something glam—and that her eyebrows looked absolutely perfect.

"Kim has the most gorgeous eyebrows—full, healthy, gorgeous shape. Throughout my career, people have asked me for brows like Kim. She truly is a standard. To get Kim’s incredible arches, I start by using Brow Wiz in medium brown to outline the shape of the brow according to the three steps of the Golden Ratio Shaping Technique.. Doing this before grooming clarifies which hair to keep and which hair falls outside of this ideal shape," Soare adds. "Next, I wax the brow hair and then tweeze any outliers. Once done with grooming, I fill the brows back in with Brow Wiz and brush with the spool end to blend. Next, I use Pro Pencil #2 to outline the brow, creating that perfect line and highlighting the brow bone. If you have sparse brows or are missing hair in a particular spot but still want to mimic Kim’s fullness, I recommend using Brow Pen to draw individual hairlike detail. Last, to set Kim’s brows for the day, I use a coat of Clear Brow Gel.”

During a separate 2020 interview with Marie Claire, Soare gave a peek into her own brilliant "soft glam" beauty routine.

"For me [soft glam] means structured brows, complementary neutrals, and glowing skin. I start with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrating Oil because it gives me a quick boost of hydration, and I love to layer it under our Luminous Foundation, which is another favorite because its second skin, feather-light formula takes care of any discoloration or imperfections," she shared. "Brows are always an essential. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, whether I’m out wearing a mask or hopping on a Zoom call from home, good brows are so important because they instantly frame and complement the face."

Ready to up your own brow game? Shop Kardashian's favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills products below.

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