Lizzo Taking an Ice Bath Is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

“It’s so cold, I’m numb.”

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We’ve talked ad nauseam about our love for cryotherapy—the colder the better. While we’ve tried our fair share of treatments (read: the best ice globes and tools), leave it to Lizzo to turn things up, erm down, a notch. The 34-year-old singer took to TikTok to document her experience doing an ice bath. And as is to be expected, the video was hilarious. Things start out strong: Lizzo eases into the icy tub. There’s some deep breathing going on and goosebumps popping up, but all is well and good. 

As we approach the halfway point, and her lower half gets submerged into the water, which is likely around 50 degrees, the “Juice” singer lets out a resounding, “Wooo!!" Still, she makes it to the three minute mark and is able to reap the rewards of her shivering. Because even though it was “so cold” and left her “numb,” she explained that the freezing temps did help her inflammation. “My body feels better,” she wrote on top of the clip. 


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Comedy aside, Lizzo’s commitment to the beauty treatment is proven to be worthwhile. Cold treatments, ranging from the use of ice globes to chilled eye patches, do work wonders for inflammation and de-puffing. Take a cryofacial, also known as frotox, for example. “The extremely cold temperatures (around minus 322 degrees fahrenehit) of the liquid nitrogen constricts blood vessels, which in turn also helps to alleviate redness,” Rachel Maiman, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City, previously explained to Marie Claire. 

The same goes for ice globes. While the tools are not nearly as cold as a cryofacial, board-certified esthetician Josie Holmes explains that the chilled temps, when paired with proper massage technique, can help sculpt the face. To read more about the benefits of cryotherapy, read our May 2022 story about at-home cryotherapy

Samantha Holender
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