The 10 Best Makeup Moments from '90s Music Videos

Shimmery everything.

1. Britney Spears frosted blue eyeshadow

Face it, Britney Spears' makeup in Born to Make you Happy was your dream makeup look back in your youth. That metallic blue eye was everything but no matter how many times you tried to recreate it with that blue eyeshadow you nicked off your mum, you never got it quite right. A moment of silence for that frosted blue inner corner highlight please.

2. Destiny's Child colour-coordinated makeup

Pop stars are very rich people but in the '90s money was a bit tight, so they all had to film their music videos in the same 'futuristic' room. In order to shake things up a bit, Destiny's Child hired Lawrence Llewlyn Bowen to paint the room different colours for their Say My Name video. With the left over fabric, Lawrence also made the girls colour coordinated outfits, so of course their makeup had to match. Our favourite theme? Orange obvs.

3. Mel B's Robo Cop eyelids

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If we were forced to rate every single Spice Girl video it would be a challenge, one we would happily undertake btw. If we are judging purely on makeup though, there is one clear winner. Say You'll Be There is metallic makeup goals, if you can get past the heavily backcombed hair that is. Mel B we still want to know what that silver eyeshadow is.

4. Jennifer's subtle highlighter

If you were suspicious about Jennifer Lopez's ageless beauty before, the video for Waiting For Tonight pretty much confirms what we all suspected…she is related to Edward Cullen. How else do you explain such an intense highlight?

5. Janet Jackson's natural beauty

If listening to Together Again makes you instantly happy, just wait until you see the video. But before we all start dancing around our rooms can we please take a moment to bask in Janet Jackson's beauty. Who said you can't match your hair to your lipstick?

6. Geri's post Ginger Spice makeover

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We were used to seeing Geri with her tiger stripe highlights, union jack dress and a face full of makeup. Then she released a song that would change not only the landscape of music, but also her image, that's right I'm talking about Mi Chico Latino. Who is this 'no makeup, makeup' beauty and what did she do with Ginger Spice? Donde esta mi chico latino.

7. Gwen's trademark

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Gwen Stefani has to be the epitome of '90s girl cool and she was rocking her trademark red lip way back in No Doubt's Just A Girl video in 1995. You gotta hand it to her, she knows what works for her. The bleach blonde hair, bindi and pencil thin brows, classic '90s Gwen.

8. TLC's Unpretty, pretty

Unpretty is every '90s girls anthem. Why has no one invented a mirror yet that automatically plays this every morning when you look in it? We love the message in this song and of course the TLC girls look beautiful with, or without makeup.

9. All Saints cool girl chic

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The members of All Saints must be one of the few people who can look back at pictures of themselves from the '90s and actually say they looked good. If you were going through a teenage rebellion I can guarantee Never Ever made you want to get your darkest lipstick and your blackest lip liner and run away with your Tamagotchi.

10. BSB's Kevin's fishy makeover

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When compiling this list, one music video immediately sprang to mind but I thought they'll never let me put it in. Then I thought, just stick it at number 10 and they won't even notice. Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you the greatest music video of all time….Backstreet Boys, Everybody *brackets* Backstreet's Back. Now tell me what other '90s music video has such skilled and talented makeup. They literally turned Kevin into a fish, or is he meant to be a lizard? I'm not entirely clear, all I know is that Brian makes one terrifying werewolf.

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