Why I Always Wear Makeup to Work

Sure it takes time, but what better way to spend each morning than with pretty palettes and flirty fragrances?

1. A little bit of makeup disguises my exhaustion. For those lovely days when the dark circles under my eyes look like bruises, or when my stuffy nose makes me look like Rudolph, a bit of concealer, powder, and a hint of color will go a long way.

2. It turns a bad hair day into a win. If my makeup is on point it will distract my coworkers from the fact that I haven't washed my hair in three days and ran out of dry shampoo.

3. Mornings are rough, but beauty time is not. I have lazy days like anyone else but spending 10 minutes with my beautiful products brings me joy.

4. I feel more prepared at work. With my luck, my office crush will probably flash a flirty smile when I'm barefaced because life is cruel that way.

5. Practice makes perfect. I want to rock a perfect cat eye to a wedding I'm attending in a few months. If I attempt the look everyday for work, I'll be sure to master the technique in time.

6. Going "au natural" is actually more difficult than it looks. My skincare game is good but it still requires expert highlighting and contouring skills to achieve that fresh-faced glow la a Jergens commercial.

7. Adult acne is real. That sucker that popped onto my face out of nowhere will be hidden in no time.

8. I can focus on my best features. I've always liked my eyes and it's fun to show them off by experimenting with new techniques, colors, and styles.

9. Makeup is the best accessory. If my outfit is a little boring because I haven't had time to get to the dry cleaner or deal with that mound of laundry piling up, I can still ace my look by adding a bold lip or full lashes.

10. It increases my confidence. When I look good, I feel good. It's as simple as that.

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