Trending: Why It's All About the Bottom Lash Right Now

And three ways to rock the look.

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You've honed your cat-eye technique, nailed sultry smoky lids, and perfected pumping up your fringe to achieve maximum flutter, but you've likely missed this critical spot when it comes to your makeup routine: your lower lash line. Even adding a quick coat of mascara down there is often an afterthought, but thanks to the runway and the red carpet, this area is finally getting some well-deserved attention. Equal parts edgy and easy to achieve, we predicted this trend would take off in 2017 (cue hair flip). Here, makeup artist Rommy Najor explains why you should stop overlooking underliner and start beefing up your bottom lashes—stat.

Pink Punk

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Many women are afraid to think pink for eyes because they fear it will emphasize existing redness, but Najor said concentrating color along your lower lash line is the best way to baby-step into the trend that took the red carpet by storm during award show season. Still, there is a definitely a trick to pulling off this blushing beauty look: mascara—lots of it. "It bolsters the pink and creates contrast," added the pro.

1. "If you're prone to schmutz, save concealer for after mascara," said Najor. To work the wand in at the roots and avoid smudging under eyes, the pro suggests using a Shadow Shield or holding a folded tissue against your lash line. (A cotton swab dipped in non-greasy makeup remover post mascara application works, too.) Then, "spike up" top and bottom lashes by wiggling the wand into the roots of your lashes and pulling out, said Najor. Reach for the inkiest formula possible, like Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara in Extreme Black, that boasts extra-intense black pigment and a dense brush designed to create lush, clump-free lashes.

2. Even out your complexion with concealer or foundation to erase any areas of redness that could compete with your underliner, then rim lashes with a neon pink liner or pack on a pigment with a damp brush for more intensity. (If you don't have a pink eyeliner or pigment handy, try a creamy lip pencil like Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in You're All Mine or a bright blush instead.) Want to road-test other eye-brightening options? "Blue and purple are perfect for introducing color into your repertoire," said Najor.

3. "Pink is such a pretty feminine shade, so we toughened it up by adding black liner on the inner rim of the lower lash line," explained Najor of his eye-defining secret. Try Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Black to inject some rocker edge into rose-colored eyes.

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(Image credit: Photo: Jonas Bresnan; Design: Amy Armani)

Sexy Slashes

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Turn a classic cat-eye on its head by swiping a few punk-y streaks of liquid liner across the lower lashes and leaving your lid completely bare. "It's a nod to the 60s, but breaking up the slices along the bottom gives it a cool, current vibe," said Najor.

1. Begin by applying mascara, but instead of holding the wand horizontally, flip it vertically, then "dance the brush back and forth like a windshield wiper," said Najor. "Don't worry about depositing too much product—you want the mascara to build up for this look." Try Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara in Extreme Black, which features an hourglass brush for a wide-eyed, voluminous finish.

2. For more of an extreme mod effect, gently pinch lashes together in sections with your fingers or a tweezer. If needed, apply concealer and translucent powder to brighten circles or cover redness.

3. Using a black liquid liner like Rimmel London Scandaleyes Precision Micro Liner (the ultra-thin felt tip and ultra-black pigment make a smooth line a cinch), create a quick slash along the outer corner—stretching the shape up towards the tail of your brow to make "eyes look larger and lifted," said Najor. Then, swipe a second line from the edge of your iris to your tear duct to complete the effect. "It's very fluid and painterly," added the pro. "It doesn't have to look perfect."

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(Image credit: Photo: Jonas Bresnan; Design: Amy Armani)

Star Power

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Adding some unexpected sparkle along your lower lashes feels flirty in a brand new way (hello, festival season 2017!) and brightens tired eyes to boot. "It's a bit more playful and it's a break from a norm," explained Najor of the three-dimensional idea.

1. Lacquer your top and bottom lashes with a coat or two of Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Curve Alert Mascara. The collagen- and keratin-infused formula plumps and lifts minus a lash curler.

2. Next up: concealer. Reach for a budge-proof formula—like Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer that stays put for up to 13 hours—and use the built-in brush to camouflage dark circles. "Lightly powder the area so the surface is dry," said Najor.

3. Using just a dot of lash glue, adhere a small piece of star-shaped confetti (or a circular sequin sliced in half) to the center of your lower lash line. "Line the star up with your pupil so the reflection draws attention and highlights your eyes," added Najor.

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(Image credit: Photo: Jonas Bresnan; Design: Amy Armani)

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