Indie Beauty: Chloe Sevigny

When Big Love star Chloë Sevigny steps out, the paparazzi start clicking. Here, we crack the maverick icon's glamour code

Jeff Westbrook/Studio D
LANA MARKS Cleopatra alligator clutch: "Too many bags flaunt huge labels. I prefer a more discreet look."

DIOR DiorShow Mascara: "I love lots and lots of lash and this is the best - I can keep it on without drying out my lashes."

WHITE PEONIES: "I always like my trailer or hotel room to have fresh flowers or pillows I find at a local flea market - anything to personalize the environment."

MAC Cream Colour Base in Premeditated: "This pigment packs a punch, so just a bit does the trick. Besides, I find most men don't like a lot of makeup."

KIEHL'S Dermatologist Solutions Skin Care: "I recently started having microdermabrasion at Mamie's Spa in New York City, which leaves my skin bright and my pores tight. My home version is this Kiehl's."

SMITH'S Rosebud Salve: "This balm, a small hairbrush, and a gold Estée Lauder compact from the Tom FOrd Collection two years ago are always on my person."

BLACKBERRY Curve: "This makes texting so easy. I don't have the browser hooked up, because I'd constantly be surfing the web."

RENEW & RELAX spa: "The day after a long night of dancing at the clubs, I go foa fabulous foot massage at Renew & Relax, a nail place near my house in downtown Manhattan."

ESTÉE LAUDER Tom Ford Collection compact

CHLOÉ Eau de Parfum

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