Margot Robbie and Sofia Richie Wore the Same Chanel Lipstick—Now I'm Buying 3

It's officially *the* lipstick of the summer.

Split image of Margot Robbie posing at London Barbie Premiere with photo of Sofia Richie Grainge in sunlight
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When one celebrity loves a specific beauty product, I listen, but when two celebrities love the exact same one, I drop everything to learn more. This is especially true when the two celebrities we're talking about are Sofia Richie Grainge and Margot Robbie—the two most of-the-moment It girls. One is blowing up on Instagram and TikTok for sharing fashion and beauty videos, and the other is circling the globe doing press for one of this year's most anticipated movies. Need I say more?

The beauty product in question is a soft-pink Chanel lipstick. Richie Grainge recently wore it during her wedding, sharing on TikTok that it's now her "signature lip" product. Then, Robbie wore it to the London premiere of the Barbie movie. Coincidence? Nope. Chanel makeup artist Pati Dubroff was behind both of the A-listers' looks. Keep scrolling to see the lipstick, and you'll see why it's officially the lipstick of the summer and why I'm buying three.

Margot Robbie smiling and posing at the London premiere of Barbie film

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First up, here's Robbie at the London premiere of Barbie. She wore a fashion and beauty look inspired by a 1960s Barbie—the Enchanted Evening Barbie, to be specific. Her incredible Vivienne Westwood gown was complemented by a soft updo and petal-pink makeup (the Chanel lipstick included). 

Instagram photo of Sofia Richie Grainge open mouth with soft waves hair

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Richie Grainge wore the same lipstick at her wedding a few months ago (yes, the wedding that nearly broke the internet). In a recent TikTok video, Richie Grainge called the lipstick her "signature lip" product. "Pati introduced me to this lip color, and it is my new saving grace," she said. "I literally went to the Chanel store two days after my wedding and bought as many as I could find." It looks like she's wearing the same shade in this picture she posted to Instagram. 

Here it is—the lipstick that just became *the* lipstick of the summer. It's actually more of a tinted lip balm than a lipstick since it has a moisture-rich formula that offers buildable color. It's no wonder Dubroff chose this formula for both Richie Grainge's wedding and Robbie's premiere. It has a comfortable, long-wearing formula that won't look or feel dry and cakey on the lips. 

The exact color, 928 Pink Delight, is a petal pink with a subtle shimmer. In other words, it pretty much looks incredible on everyone. I like it because it's soft enough to wear every day. Did I find my signature lip product? Yeah, that's why I'm buying three before it sells out.

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