Copying ASAP: Demi Lovato's Tangerine Lips and Slicked-Back Lob

Eat your heart out, J. Lo.

Disney darling...punk pop star... Demi Lovato has lived many beauty lives. But we must say, when it comes to a bright tangerine pout, dewy complexion, and slicked-back 'do, Lovato wears it well, like the-best-she's-ever-looked well.

The songstress stepped out in NYC earlier today, accenting her neon-bright floral jumpsuit, lemon yellow Celine tote, and plastic aviator sunglasses with the ultra-fresh beauty look. We're officially hailing this her new look because within hours, Lovato took to Twitter to announce her new single "Cool for Summer," and she's wearing the same beauty look, wet-slicked hair et al, in the album artwork.

The thing is, we have this theory that it's actually Jennifer Lopez who is behind Lovato's more sophisticated, yet sexy look. For one, the fiery lip and ultra-sleek hair are so J.Lo. Plus, it was just last month that Lovato was waxing poetic about the ageless star.

"She's such a strong, confident woman that she's really helped me with learning that stuff and she's just such an inspirational person and so empowering and if there's anybody that's super radiant and confident, it's her," she told E! News.

And, ahem, it's worth mentioning that we did, in fact, predict the slicked back look as one of summer's biggest hair trends. So seriously, heed our advice, and next time humidity comes around, simply smooth your hair back with gel and call it a day à la Demi.

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