Sorry, T. Swift: Looks Like Selena Gomez Is About to Head Up Her Own Separate Girl Squad

And the first two members are *pretty* impressive...

Selena Gomez
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She may be number one among Taylor Swift's world-famous squad, but that doesn't mean Selena Gomez is tied down to T. Swift and her never-ending 1989 Tour besties forever. And if the 23-year-old's most recent tweet is any indication, it does indeed appear that she is more than capable of reigning over her own regime. (Sorry, Tay.)

Making it easy on the "Same Old Love" songstress? She already has two very famous friends fully prepared to take their places in the Sel Squad. And they happen to be none other than her pop peers, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. Couldn't get any better, right? We know

You're probably wondering how this juggernaut of #friendshipgoals came to be. Well, it all started out on the Internet (as most good things do these days), then reached new levels of girl power thanks to some kind words from Ariana, and was finally commenced with a special blessing from Selena. But before you start thinking up music video concepts for these three à la "Bad Blood," we'd like to first dissect the way in which it really all began. 

Let's go back to the beginning when Demi and Selena reestablished their once-fractured relationship earlier this summer...

A sweet birthday message:

And an even sweeter/slightly silly selfie:

Okay, so after the former Disney stars had gotten themselves back on track, that meant go time for Ariana to swoop in. Because why not?

A compliment for Demi's new album, Confident:

Resulting in much excitement for Ariana's upcoming release for Focus:

And with so many good vibes circulating around the Twittersphere, Ari couldn't help but also give praise to friend-of-a-friend Selena for her latest LP, Revival:

Which then prompted all-caps approbation from the hair extension-loving star, proving she is more than ready to take this love fest offline and make it a thing IRL:

Now how about some sort of song collab or maybe even a joint tour? Just something to think about, ladies.

Evan Real