You Know How People Always Talk About Miracle Products? Well This Pen Thingy Actually *Is* One

It highlights, contours, anti-ages, and fills in your brows. Yeah, we know.

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(Image credit: Peach and Lily, design by Shea Mullooly)

Deposits of fat might not sound as favorable as, say, those containing oil or diamonds, but trust us—come a few years, and you'll want human blubber—YOUR OWN, GUYS—way more than a flawless 44-carat rock or a few billion barrels of liquefied dinosaur.  

This is the thinking behind the Mizon Oh! Shy Volume Up Lovely Stick, which recently came across my desk and hasn't left since. According to Korean beauty authority Peach and Lily, makeup artists in Asia took to contouring the under eye, AKA "aegyosal," when they noticed that the half-moon of puffiness you see when you smile tends to sink into the hollows as we approach AARP-hood. (We'll pause here while you try it out.) 

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(Image credit: Peach and Lily)

To simplify faking and enhancing The Pouch, one end of the makeup equivalent of the Swiss Army knife houses a champagne illuminator, while the other contains a creamy taupe liner. The rest follows highlight/shadow logic: Using the pink-gold shadow, you make a wide-ish circle hugging the lower lash line to bring that area forward, then go back in with the pencil as you normally would to make the bit closest to the eye recede.

Besides its intended purpose, there are loads of other ways to use a gray-brown wax and brightening powder conveniently packaged together. The liner can fill in your eyebrows, lift your nose (draw lines down both sides, blend like crazy), and plump your lips (the first step here, just not as
exaggerated and blended into near-oblivion.) The highlighter can work for some guerilla strobing—glide the twist-off sponge applicator over the nose indent, tops of the cheekbones, the center of the chin, and the middle of the eyelids. AND, if you felt compelled to take direction from Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney, and Preen, you could tap the pencil end across the bridge of the nose and onto the
apples for faux freckles. (MUAs do this when they want it look like the girls aren't wearing foundation. Truth.)

I've just told you this little stick thingy can perform the work of, like, five products, so if you don't believe me, here's what you do. First, watch these video tutorials to see the Lovely Stick in action. Then, click on this story featuring a lot of photos of me wearing a ball gown so you can see that I've got one of those faces that would never lie to you. Happy now? *winks with one chubby-fied eye* 

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