Hair Trend #454: Meet Colombré, Rainbow Hair's Cooler Cousin

A mashup trend, if you will.

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If you've got the sudden urge to take your color to the next level, you're not alone—the internet is right there with you.

But if you're weary about going full-on rainbow à la sand art hair, there's a new technique for color play that's not quite as dramatic, but still produces a prismatic effect. Colombré—the internet's latest obsession—adds ultra-vivid colors to the hair, but only beginning mid-shaft, fading into the ends as you'd see with a classic ombré. Whether you'd like to paint on every color of the rainbow, or simply go monochrome, it's a less taxing dye job with the same cool-girl benefits. Plus, it's a cinch if you've already got an ombré going on.

"What's  amazing about this trend is that anyone who has ombré in their hair, AKA practically everyone, can do it," explains NYC-based colorist Kat Zemtsova. "It already has the canvas, some shade of blonde at the bottom of their hair, which can be laid over with any 'deposit only' vibrant colors like Manic Panic or even use hair chalk for different color hair everyday. The lighter the blonde at the bottom of your ombré the brighter and more vibrant any color would look!"

What's more, is that it looks especially cool with the texturized, humidity-combatting 'dos you're already rocking, like braids or beachy updos, says Zemtsova. In other words, there's no time like the present to taste the rainbow.

For some color-drenched inspo, check out some of the coolest takes on the colombré trend, including Kylie Jenner's edgy, dip-dyed grey look.

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