Beyoncé Just Dropped a Fiiiierce Flash Tattoo Collection

Your move, RiRi.

Beyoncé's body is a temple that hardly needs embellishment, but let's just say we were in awe last summer when she quite literally took a shine to Flash Tattoos–decorating everything from the crooks of her elbows to her legs with the intricate designs. 

Now, it seems Bey has taken her obsession with the metallic temporary tats to the drawing boards, teaming up with the Texas-based brand to create the Beyoncé Collection,which features five sheets worth of glossy illustrations. The namesake tats are inspired by her lyrics, including those from "Flawless,"  "Naughty Girl," and "Crazy in Love," as well as her beehive obsession, and can be worn on the arms, wrists, legs, hands, and back. 

Honeycomb chokers or cuffs, anyone? 

"The collection is an edgier take on traditional jewelry–we wanted to focus on making a strong and empowering statement with the designs that embodied Beyoncé–fierce, fabulous, and flawless!" says Flash Tattoos founder Miranda Burnet, who worked with Bey on the designs.

In June, ink queen Rihanna launched her own collection of gold and silver body tattoos with L.A.-based designer Jacquie Aiche, which makes Bey's design venture all the more interesting.

The 57-piece pack is available at for $28 and is designed to be worn individually or styled together. View the entire Beyoncé Collection in the lookbook, below.

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