It's Official: T-Rex Hands Are the New Fish Gape

Keep those nails did.

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What people don't realize about the latest selfie trend is that it's actually a sign of reverse evolution. 

A callback to prehistoric times, rear-facing-camera-loving celebs are channeling their inner Tyrannosaurus Rex (the OG of dinosaurs, let's be real) by showing off their freshly-painted talons in claw-like fashion. The term was coined by Insta-Queen Huda Kattan, which makes her an archaeologist in this wild, double-tapping world as far as we're concerned.

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From Kylie Jenner to Selena Gomez, basically every star is T-rexin' and giving us distinct Sharptooth from the Land Before Time vibes. So needless to say, a fresh manicure (married with a fish gape) is a whole new kind of social currency. Check out the variety of approaches below and start flexin' those digits:

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