These Self-Adjusting Lipsticks Change with Your Mood

Going extra bright on a Tuesday.

Mood Matcher lipstick
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From how we take our coffee in the morning to how we respond to passive-aggressive e-mails, mood pretty much dictates everything. And it's my personal belief that our lip color should behave accordingly. So much so that I've been known to tote around several lip colors at a time. This, even though getting myself to actually put on lipstick is like pulling teeth. I'm lazy and it's ironic. But I digress... 

For those who also believe beauty should be a barometer for their frame of mind, there's a lipstick for that. Mood Matcher, a makeup brand whose MO is personalization, has developed its own range of "Split Sticks." Divided down the middle with dual colors intended to be mixed, it could be described as a 3-in-1 lip color—but if you're tapping into your inner cosmetic chemist, the possibilities are actually kind of endless. The idea is that you're cooking up your own custom blend according to your skin tone, body chemistry, and what you're ***feeling*** in that moment. 

Even more so than flexing your color theory muscle, it's about testing different combinations to see what works best on you. But knowing what flatters you in general certainly doesn't hurt. For example, I'm particularly jazzed about the Magenta-Gold shades as yellow is amazing for remixing classic colors. When you mix pink with yellow, it yields pretty peachy tones. On a pale complexion like mine, super-bright pinks can read a little severe, so I love the idea of softening the hue to suit me.

Mood Matcher's other color combos include red-pink, purple-silver, lavender-light blue, green-orange, and if you're particularly adventurous, dark blue-yellow. These tubes may be a little intimidating for beginners—but at $6 a pop, you're bound to be pleased with the ROI.

Mood Matcher Split Stick Lip Color, $6;

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