The One Thing You Need to Perfect Your At-Home Blowout, Once and for All

Your round brush just became basic.


Giving yourself an at-home blowout is like trying to make sushi in your own kitchen—the results are fine, but never the same as the real (professional) thing. Then again, because getting weekly blowouts just isn't an option budget-wise, we wield our round brushes and hope for the best.

But thanks to some recent Instagram sleuthing, I discovered a tool that could seriously change the game. Like, blowout-bars-beware status.

Enter: The Click N Curl, a set of round brushes with detachable barrels that become curlers. Not sensing the genius here? Watch below:

Having interviewed many a hairstylist in my day, I can tell you that, though old-fashioned, setting your hair in curls is the best way to amp up the volume, as well as ensure longevity in style. It really is ALL about the set, whether you're going for Old Hollywood waves or messier, cool-girl texture. And this technique allows you to dry and style your hair in one fell swoop.

Plus, no matter what kind you go with—you can choose from small (1 1/4"), medium (1 3/4"), or large barrel curlers (2 1/8")—at $39.99, the set itself will likely cost less than one pro blowout. Shop 'em here.

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