Here's What Happens When a Real Woman Wears Kim Kardashian's Body Shapers

"It was like walking around with a different body."

Leg, Skin, Shoulder, Human leg, Joint, Standing, Waist, Fashion, Neck, Knee,
Leg, Skin, Shoulder, Human leg, Joint, Standing, Waist, Fashion, Neck, Knee,
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"Sometimes I wear two pairs of body shapers on top of each other—especially when I am heavier, I def double it up," Kim Kardashian confessed in a recent post on her app. As a KUWTK diehard, I've always admired Kim's transparency about everything from Botox to cellulite treatments. Intel that she is, in fact, human is always precious.

But while I was aware she's a shapewear enthusiast (remember the I-Cannot-Leave-the-House-Without-My-Spanx episode?), I had no idea she had it down to such a science.

"I wear two pairs that are the same length," she continued. "I try not to layer two different lengths, because I don't want there to be visible seams. I want there to always just be one seam."

The pièce de résistance of her Spanx collection? The Higher Power Capri ($28).

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"I just recently got introduced to the footless tights, which I can wear with longer dresses like this—so you'll NEVER see my Spanx line because the seam is lower," she says. "I typically like them past the knee or right at the knee. They really hold you in and make you feel secure!"

Before getting Kim's play-by-play, I had never considered wearing shapewear. I'd love to say this is because I'm 100% happy with my natural physique, but if I'm being honest, part of me was a little afraid I'd get addicted to it. As a curvier woman like Kim, I have many of the same insecurities and didn't want it to become too much of a crutch. I'd always thought of it like Facetune, except IRL.

But endlessly curious—and in the interest of investigative journalism—I decided to ignore my hang ups and have a go at it. So here's what you get (and how you feel) when you double up shapewear underneath different bodycon silhouettes à la Kim.

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(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

I started off with one of Kim's most famous looks, the seamless Wolford Fatal tube dress. It encompasses so many elements of her signature style and let's be real, leaves virtually nothing to the imagination.

When I pulled on the first layer of Spanx, it felt like an extra compact version of tights. I was a smoother, more taut version of myself. I was into it. But getting on the extra layer was a whole other story. Not only was it twice as hard to get on, but once I strapped myself into the second layer, it felt like a girdle. In fact, it was like walking around with a different body. This said, it really improved my posture. I felt taller and more statuesque.

In the Fatal dress, I was amazed at how cinched my waist looked. It was like wearing an invisible corset. And from the side, it enhanced the S-curve and took my butt to new heights. My only complaint was that the double layer of Spanx made it hard to maneuver my body—especially my stomach area.

I didn't eat in the Spanx, but I imagine polishing off a larger meal would have been damn near impossible. Elegance is refusal, I suppose.

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(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

Shop It: Wolford Fatal Dress, $215;

Stuart Weitzman The Legwrapsong Sandal, $498 (was $349);

Look #2: The Scoop-Neck Dress

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(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

This ribbed knit dress was the least constrictive of the styles, but I found the material to be the least forgiving in the bum area. Thus, I was thankful for the bump-free smoothing and lift from the Spanx. In pictures especially, I thought it made the style look more bespoke and expensive. Tailoring hack!

Skin, Sleeve, Shoulder, Elbow, Human leg, Joint, Standing, White, Style, Waist,

(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

Shop It: Artizia Wilfred Free Kallio Dress, $75 (now $55);

Stuart Weitzman The Nudist Sandal in Black Goose Bump, $415;

Look #3: The Sleeveless LBD

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(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

This stretchy black knit fabric felt inherently flattering, but the Spanx really took it to the next level in the derrière department. Just as it did in the previous two looks, it airbrushed the edges and made things more pert overall.

Sleeve, Human leg, Shoulder, Elbow, Joint, Standing, Style, Waist, Knee, Fashion,

(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

Shop It: Similar style - H&M Draped Dress $34.99 (was $17.99);

Stuart Weitzman The Nudist Sandal in Beige Goose Bump, $415;

I'm a Spanx convert, but I won't be doubling down again anytime soon. I think one pair of the Higher Power Capri is the perfect compromise between taming things (i.e. smoothing and compressing) in less-forgiving looks while also letting yourself breathe live. And if anyone has anything to say about it, well, I'm ready to own up to it/wax poetic about the shapers—just like Kim.

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