Why You Should Be Tracking Your Waxing Appointments Like You Track Your Period


(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

We know what you're thinking: Why are we colliding two of the worst parts of womanhood—one necessary, and one arguably not (opens in new tab)—and making everything even harder when I'm too lazy to predict the next time my body will choose to expel, like, a tsunami's worth of blood blended with chunks of uterine lining? Answer: Sorry? It's mostly a metaphor?

We wouldn't be suggesting this if it didn't make life even just a little bit *better* in some way, so just listen for now, if not to us, then Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba Beauty Studio (opens in new tab): If you're strategic about at what stage in the hair-growth cycle you wax, you can extend the results, therefore prolonging the time between you dropping trou (and upwards of $40) to have a stranger hurt you.

Aim to get the pain and awkwardness out of the way when hair is in the anagen phase, or when the hair is actively growing, Kapil says. "This is why waxing is recommended every four to six weeks, to catch these hairs. Waxing in this phase typically comes out with the root, and if you're lucky, part of the bulb, which results in longer-lasting hair removal, and smoother, finer hair after regrowth." Beyond those six weeks, the hair will detach from the bulb and start shedding, meaning that if you go to the salon then, the bulbs won't get pulled out.

And what if you make an errant pass with a razor here or there? Kapil says it doesn't affect the waxing much, except that there may be a bit more "ouch" (oh, joy), because the ends of the hairs will be blunter. Moral of the story: Don't delay, kids. Or just put it off forever like Miranda, and buy yourself some Fur Oil (opens in new tab). There's no right way.

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