How Do You Do Glitter Roots Without Getting Sparkles Everywhere? Here's the Sneaky Trick

There's a hack for that ✨✨✨

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Instagram-born trends aren't exactly known for their wearability. But if ever there were proof that they can be a statement worth making, it's Holland Roden and her glitter roots at the VMAs.

The Teen Wolf actress accented her auburn hair with a smattering of copper glitter along the hairline and the look, created by celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary using Pop Beauty's Pure Pigments and hair gel, was one of the most lauded of the night.

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But what happens if you want to recreate the sparkly look at home, sans the pro MUA and without glitter bombing your entire head? While the jury was out on that one for a minute, the Internet has finally delivered the hack we've been waiting for.

Behold beauty blogger Sherry Maldonado's method of using two strips of tape on either side of the hairline for a picture-perfect application. As if that in and of itself is not enough of a game-changer, she then proceeds to use liquid glitter liner instead of loose glitter for extra precision. Pretty genius, no? Try it at home with the following:

Design by Dana Tepper

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