This Woman Curling Her Hair with Cheetos Is, in a Way, All of Us

Is Cheeto dust the new dry texture spray?

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New rule of thumb by way of the Internetz: If it's vaguely round and you can wrap your strands around it, you may use it to curl your hair. From balloons to lip pencils, inanimate objects have been giving curling irons a run for their money. And now? For better or worse, food is being thrown into the mix. And not just any cuisine, but the crème de la crème of the snack world: CHEETOS!

Beauty blogger Bunny Meyer, who once created similarly coiled texture with marshmallows, is the brainchild behind the technique, which, by all accounts, is disgusting. But also *kind of* makes sense given that the puffed-up corn snacks are kind of perfectly shaped for it. And, it's a solid excuse to buy up your corner store's entire supply.

Editors' Note: Cheetos Puffs were a wise move—Crunchy Cheetos would have been a whole other beast.

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The process went down like this: Meyer sectioned off damp hair, then curled each section around its own cheese puff. Forty-five minutes, and several bags of Cheetos later, her full head was set. She then strapped on a hair bonnet for 40 minutes, allowing heat to be evenly-distributed to all of the curls.

When it came time to take the Cheetos out of the hair, we were genuinely shocked to find that the curls were actually kind of nice (relatively speaking, of course) and her hair wasn't a weird orange tint. We even suspect that the dust from the puffs added some cool grit to the texture.

It was an impressive execution considering. Chester Cheetah would be proud. But don't get us wrong—no woman, under any circumstances, should ever do this IRL. This said, respect to a girl after our own heart.

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