This Ridiculously Easy Trick Will Save You Over $100 on the Dyson Airwrap

Here’s where you can buy the legendary hot tool before it sells out again.

dyson airwrap on a counter
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I’ll cut right to the chase: The Dyson Airwrap is back in stock—and with this easy, easy, easy trick, you can scoop it up at a crazy discount. The multi-tasking hot tool comes at a pretty hefty price tag ($600, to be exact), but if you sign up to be a Best Buy member you'll be able to get $120 off. It's a wild deal—and there's no telling how long it'll be available. These sell out insanely quickly and for good reason. It makes blowouts foolproof, maintains hair health, and is essentially three hair tools in one. 

The newest iteration of the Airwrap, which originally launched last June, was reengineered to be more efficient and effective. Think: 2.0. Here, I’m laying out the biggest differences between the new version and the original Dyson Airwrap. From ease and efficiency to attachments that make styling more versatile, I promise you'll want to scoop up your first Airwrap—or give your existing one an upgrade—while you can.

Better Airflow

I’m not trashing the OG iteration—it quite literally revolutionized hair styling. But the newer edition did improve a lot of the pre-existing pain points. For example, you previously had to swap barrels in order to change the direction of your curl. Now? Just switch the knob at the top.

Longer Barrels 

If you have medium to long hair, listen up. I can’t even put into words how transformative the extra long barrel is. It grabs the entirety of your strand in one pass, which means you can work on larger chunks at a time and style your whole head at a quicker rate. Plus, your curl has the ability to start higher up on your head. 

Flyaway Attachment 

The Airwrap is no longer *just* a styling tool. It’s also a blow dryer and flyaway smoother. The Coanda Smoothing Dryer is dual function. It allows you to give sopping wet hair a rough dry ahead of styling and tame flyaways once your hair is styled. It’s not a hoax either—I’m living proof that it works. 

Better for All Hair Types 

The Dyson Airwrap Multi Styler also comes with two additional attachments: The Firm Smoothing Brush and the Soft Smoothing Brush, which were designed for frizzy, coarse hair and fine, flat hair respectively. They give the user increased control to either create a silky finish or create volume by manipulating airflow and tension. 

Samantha Holender
Beauty Editor

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