Is a Disposable Razor the Secret Behind Taylor Swift's New Shaggy Haircut?

One blogger seems to think so.

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For the past year or so, Taylor Swift's signature style has been The Shag. Or rather, its 2016 update, The Swag. But her latest iteration of the style, which she debuted at the end of September, is our favorite yet. Piece-y, layered, and wispy at the ends with shaggy bangs, it's the definition of cool-girl hair.

So when L.A.-based beauty blogger Habiba revealed a secret for achieving feather-y bangs by using a disposable razor to literally "shave" her hair, we wondered (okay joked) that this was the secret all along behind Swift's enviable, '70s-inspired chop. Wouldn't that be convenient?

But alas, nailing The Swag isn't as simple as investing in a $3 BIC Silky Touch 10-pack.

You need a pro stylist, like Gareth Bromell (who also works with Lily Aldridge, Bella Hadid, and Heidi Klum) who knows exactly what they're doing. And not with just any tool, but thinning sheers, which require more advanced haircutting education. No matter how you slice it (sorry!), disposable razors are a terrible idea and will cause serious damage to your bangs by way of split ends.

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