Heads Up: One of Your Favorite Makeup Products Was Originally Meant for Nipples

*Never looks at it the same again*

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Even women who don't like blush make exceptions for Benefit's perennially-beloved Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain. It not only yields the flush that dreams are made of—AKA sex blush—but is revered for its miraculously-long-lasting wear. And now, having become privy to its colorful origins, we suspect that its Benetint's unorthodox beginnings that have really put it a cut above the rest. So here's what we're getting at...

If your next Benefit counter experience is anything like ours, you'll be regaled with a tale of how their cult rosy stain came to be. Once upon a time in San Francisco circa the '70s (what a time), Benefit co-founders Jean and Jane had a tiny little makeup shop in the Mission District. And one day, in a cheeky twist of fate, an exotic dancer strolled in searching for a nipple stain that would keep 'em looking tip-top while she danced. Luckily for this striptease queen, the Benefit girls had just the stuff. They boiled together rose petals and carmine to create a soft, reddish strain. And thus, history was made as the rosy elixir would go on to become Benetint.

While we're always one for a multi-task, we're most intrigued by the idea of wanting rosier nipples in the first place. It's just never occurred to us. And at first blush (had to), we did have some questions—like, will it rub off on a bra? Or a significant other? But then again, we're not exactly new to nipple vanityDr. Lipp's Original Nipple Balm is one of our chapped lip go-tos during the winter. And if you are tempted to spruce up your ta tas with some Benetint, we recommend moisturizing with Dr' Lipp's multi-purpose emulsion beforehand as the liquid blush works best on smooth, hydrated skin.

Editors' Note: Whether you'll be blending the rosy stuff into the apple's of your cheeks, lips, nipples, or all of the aforementioned, we recommend a nod to its past by way of its new limited-edition rose-shaped bottle because it is lovely.

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Benetint Limited Edition Cheek & Lip Stain, $30; benefitcosmetics.com.

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