Pokémon Beauty Is Here and It's Kind of Impossible Not to Love

I mean, a Pikachu cushion compact?! Come on!

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In yet another instance of a beauty brand taking something we loved during our childhood and adapting it for our grown-ass-woman lifestyles, it's time to trade in your Pokémon card collection for beauty offerings inspired by the beloved cartoon franchise. Cheeky K-beauty brand Toly Moly first teased Pokémon-inspired skincare and makeup over the summer, and now it's finally available—but only in Korea..for now😭.

The collection isn't just a few cleverly-packaged products either. It's an entire range including foam cleansers, hand creams, lip tints, sheet masks, moisturizers, eyeshadows, mascara, nail polishes, and even a Pikachu-themed cushion compact with a Pokéball puff applicator. Yes, for the record, our hearts are exploding!

And many of the offerings are, in fact, inspired by different Pokémon. Take for example the Bulbasaur green tea hand cream, Squirtle sheet mask, or the baby pink Jigglypuff lip balm. Seriously, we could spend the entire browsing kbeautynow.com and dreaming of the day our entire beauty regimen is a who's who of different Pokemon species.

The silver lining is that if they do become available stateside, they won't just be kitschy collectables. Because they're Tony Moly, you can rest assured they work and are ridiculously affordable as well—making it all the more tempting to catch 'em all.

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Lauren Valenti
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