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Makeup Genius Lisa Eldridge Has a Super Easy Trick for Doubling Your Lip Size

Her secrets are everything.

Overlining your lips is an art. When it's good, it's 💯. When it's bad? Um, there are memes for that. To ensure you're not veering into Miranda Sings territory, celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has come through with an A+ tutorial for how to achieve a natural-looking overlined red pout.

Seriously, this is the intervention we all needed. Here's how to get a plush, flawless, stays-put-forever red lip.

1. Exfoliate the lips. Eldridge likes to start with Kiko's Scrub & Peel Wipes (Kim Kardashian is a fan), wrapping the wipe around her pointer finger and scrubbing the lips. "Not only does it take all the dead skin off, but it plumps up the lips because it's really massaging and bringing blood to the lips," she says.

2. Add a thin layer of balm. "You want to really work it into the lips," says Eldridge. "Then, blot the lips with a tissue so they're not so shiny. You want them to be moisturized but not too slippy."

3. Add a layer of lipstick. "Apply it all over the natural lip line, then blot," she instructs. The shade she uses is Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge in Isabella 189.

4. Shape with lip pencil. To overline the lips, start right in the corners and fill all the way to the top to give your lips more shape and volume. For the lower lips, smile and join up the corners. "The secret is stepping back and looking in the mirror because you'll find that you might have indiscrepancies—little bumps and things," she explains.

5. Add translucent powder. Add a little bit of translucent powder on a lip brush, then use it to blend the shadow where the lip ends and the lip liner starts. But be sure that the powder doesn't disrupt the color.

6. Add a lighter shade of lipstick. The hue should be in the same color family. For this red lip, Eldridge opted for L'Absolu Rouge in Idôle 186, a pinky coral that's a little bit lighter and brighter, but still matte. "Use it just at the center on the top and bottom, then pat in to blend," she says. Then voilà!

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