Stop Everything and Watch Korean Rubber Mask Treatments in Action

Iced up glow, anyone?

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When we're scrolling through Instagram, nothing stops our thumbs in their tracks like a crazy beauty treatment. And lately, we can't get enough of Korean rubber masks and their frosting-like application. We first spotted them on the Glow Recipe Instagram, where co-founders Sarah Lee and Christine Change ritually have their visages iced like a cake in the name of beauty. Endlessly mesmerized, and curious how we too can have our faces drenched in rubber, we got the lowdown on the skintertainment craze.

"A sheet mask works because it creates a temporary barrier on the skin that helps ingredients to absorb into skin without evaporation," the pair explains. "It's essentially 'force-feeding' the skin hydration and nourishment. But a rubber mask is this process on steroids—the rubberized texture of the mask creates a completely evaporation-free seal on the skin, helping the nutrients of the rubber mask to be absorbed more efficiently and effectively."

The rubber texture is great for all skin types and typically is the last step of a regular facial to help seal in the benefits while soothing and hydrating. It also functions like a standard peel, but in gentler fashion. "Because it smoothly peels away, it also does the double duty of removing impurities from the skin," they say. "Thus, have all of the benefits of a peel without the irritation or redness."

If you can't make it to a Korean spa for the pro treatment, fret not—as Glow Recipe offers a variety of at-home rubber masks that address different skin conundrums.

"If it's a little dry due to this lengthy winter we've been having, the soothing and hydrating MD's Pick Aqua Water Rubber Mask will leave skin feeling refreshed and super soft," they advise. "If you feel clogged and congested after a long week, Lindsey's Charcoal Rubber Mask is detoxifying, deep cleansing and very refreshing."

Personally, we're obsessed with the latter, as the packaging was inspired by cup of noodles. Just add water, mix it up, and voilà!

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