Cosmetics Brand e.l.f. Just Dropped a Magnetic Face Mask and It's Euphorically Wallet-Friendly

At long last.

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If you're going to debut a new skincare range and show off its chops, it may as well be under the hot the Coachella.

e.l.f. did just that over the weekend when they unveiled their new Beauty Shield Collection, which is designed to protect skin from a variety of environmental aggressors that accelerate the process of aging including pollution, UV rays, stress, and smoke (like the kind that may or may not have been emitting from the crowd during Travis Scott's set).

The line includes a moisturizer, overnight cream, makeup mist, serum, primer, facial brush, and—wait for it—a magnetic mask. The latter of which being the most exciting because magnet-infused skin treatments are mesmerizing to watch, all business when it comes to zapping up impurities, and make removal a waterless cinch. e.l.f.'s formula is iron-based, as well as infused with a slew of nourishing ingredients including argan oil, carrot seed oil, and Vitamin E.

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Because it's e.l.f., the magnetic treatment not only costs significantly less than its prestige counterparts, but we have full confidence it'll work just as well—leaving your visage brighter, clearer, softer, and more supple. At $25 for a jar, you can give yourself multiple magnetic treatments, with each one costing less than your morning latte.

If the entire range sounds like it's up your alley, we've got more good news: Each offering, aside from the Magnetic Mask, is under $25. The bad news? There isn't an official launch date for the collection just yet. However you can follow e.l.f. on Instagram for more teasers and updates.

If your skin is thirsty for a new mask in the interim, we highly recommend e.l.f.'s Hydrating Bubble Mask ($14), which will provide just as much skintertainment.

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