Butter London Founder Gives an Awesome Commencement Speech

Prepare to be inspired.
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Part of the fun of graduation season is discovering the distinguished guests that each university selects to speak at their respective commencements. From politicians, like Barack Obama at University of California, Irvine, to John Legend at the University of Pennsylvania. Scripps College, an all woman's school in California, played host to a speaker with perhaps a less recognizable name but a very recognizable brand behind her. Nonie Creme, founder of Butter London (known best for their amazing nail polish) and a 1994 alumnus of Scripps, spoke at the college's graduation and made quite the impression.

Her speech hit all the marks—funny, when she remincises about the many different "Nonie's" that existed during her time at Scripps. Inspring, when she tells the graduates how their liberal arts degrees can take them in any direction. And of course, humbling, when she reminds them that getting their degrees is just the first step in a long journey of learning. Watch the full speech above.

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