The 12 Best Lip Stains for a Just-Picked-Berries Tint

Our favorite fuss-free lipstick alternative.

Lady wearing lipstick
(Image credit: Jeremy Moeller / Getty Images)

Picture this: it's 80 degrees. It's a gorgeous summer day. You're fully vaxxed and your lips are finally seeing the light of day after hiding behind a mask for what feels like forever. It's time to flex with a summer-y, punchy pout, and that means restocking your makeup arsenal with some long-lasting lip tints and lip stains. They'll stay in place all day (and night) on steamy days, and they'll hold up when slipping your mask on and off. And hey, if the product can also be swiped on the cheeks for an all-over boost of color, all the better. That's why, in our expert opinion, a lip stain checks every box for the perfect warm weather look.

The beauty of a lip stain is that when you want to appear naturally flushed, people won't notice it's makeup. The color fades into a subtle blush that says you've been outside in the heat (but doesn't require actual sweating and discomfort). The best part? Even if you do try these long-lasting stains on a humid, sweaty day, this is one beauty look that only gets better when it's melty. If you want to go bolder, these pigmented babies can make a statement, too. Just layer on a dense wash of bright color, and let your stain do its thing all night. Here, for your consideration, the absolute best lip stains for pretty, long-lasting color all summer long.

Taylore  Glynn

Taylore Glynn is the Beauty and Health Editor at Marie Claire, covering skincare, makeup, fragrance, wellness, and more. If you need her, she’s probably roasting a chicken, flying solo at the movies, or drinking a bad Negroni at JFK.