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10 Self-Care Products to Use Now That It's Perfect Staying-in Weather

Cancel all the plans you were planning to cancel anyway.

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As the Tumblr teens say, the best nights are the ones where you've got nothing to do but wash your hair, moisturize, mask, and just take care of yourself. Of course, a long soak won't solve all your problems, but it'll at least put them off make them seem that much more manageable. Here, everything you need for never going outside again.

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Clear pores = clear conscience. (If only it were that easy, but let's kid ourselves.) 

$40, aesop.com.

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Buly 1803

The bougiest hand cream from the world's fanciest, most fantastical beauty emporium.

$50, net-a-porter.com.

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Just do what the box says. 

$12, plantapothecary.com.

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Christophe Robin

Get the Frenchiest, most clarifying shampoo of your life with this. You deserve it.

$47, lookfantastic.com available at amazon.com.

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Three citrus scents, three opportunities to pretend you're at the spa and not just lying on your bedroom floor. 

$100, contextskin.com.

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Lavender and eucalyptus and Cambrian Blue clay for ridding your body of aches and bad vibes. 

$18, herbivorebotanicals.com available at amazon.com.

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Olivia Von Halle

I knowwwww, but listen—1) you would be swaddling yourself in cashmere, and 2) CASHMERE. ALL. OVER. 

$1,425, net-a-porter.com.

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Root Science

Pro tip: Sloughing off bumpy bits will help your base glide on easier, which in turn makes your life as a whole a bit easier. 

$60, shoprootscience.com.

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Have you been neglecting the eye cream? (Same.) This kit should undo some of the damage that you *would* have been preventing had you been diligent about applying said stuff.

$125, tatcha.com available at amazon.com.

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This Works

The previous nine things should make you tireder than Captain Sully after he landed that plane in the Hudson, but this is the coup de grâce, just in case. 

$29, amazon.com.

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