Makeup-Free Pamela Anderson Just Landed a Makeup Brand Campaign

"Makeup is a fun extension of who we are, but it isn’t all we are," Anderson said.

Pamela Anderson.
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Pamela Anderson's decision to regularly forgo makeup is frequently on my mind. The announcement that she'd become a co-founder of natural skincare brand Sonsie thrilled me: partially because it felt like a natural fit for the actress, and partially because I now know her skincare routine. Now, Anderson has a new beauty campaign to discuss—with a makeup brand, ironically enough.

The 56-year-old took to Instagram to share that she's the new face of Smashbox Cosmetics, promoting the brand's original vegan and cruelty-free primer: Photo Finish. The campaign, dubbed "Isn't It Iconic," celebrates Anderson and the '90s-launched product's impact.

"Makeup is a fun extension of who we are, but it isn’t all we are," Anderson wrote in a post announcing the partnership, noting that while the campaign is a fun "wink to the past," the '90s aesthetic is certainly not her go-to today. "But those were the days… Rock’n roll… bedazzled, shiny everything… silver, black and red… oh my ha," she added.

Pamela Anderson for Smashbox Cosmetics.

Makeup-free or makeup-full, Pamela Anderson is Pamela Anderson. Here, she poses with a face of Smashbox Cosmetics (and her signature freckles).

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"By bringing together two iconic figures, this collaboration marks Pamela Anderson redefining her self expression through the transformative power of makeup—all on her terms," Smashbox shared in a press release.

Anderson originally met Smashbox founder Davis Factor (who shot the new campaign) at the Roxbury in the '90s, indicating that the partnership has been long time coming.

"I’ve always believed in the transformative magic of makeup and working with icons like Pamela Anderson is a testament to the power of beauty to push boundaries and celebrate individuality. This campaign is a tribute to an era when creativity and innovation shaped the beauty landscape," the founder noted.

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In her open journal entry on Monday, February 12 (the Love, Pamela author sends a weekly newsletter), Anderson discussed the implications of being a public "face" over the years.

"I found it bizarre how tabloids would comment at how I was 'aging' badly back then? (When I was 30?)… when, it was just heavy or poorly applied makeup (sometimes at my own hand)… and it was a time when we changed from film to digital photography – I think most women in my boat were slaughtered in the 2000's… it was cruel… and it had an impact," she wrote. "I am prepared now for my body and my face to change… to lose a little energy and elasticity now is normal… as I embrace this chapter… allowing… observing. I'm amused by it."

Whether she's wearing a full face of makeup or sticking solely to her skincare, Anderson is true to herself.

"Freedom is beauty…beauty is freedom," she added. "To be everything we want to be in every stage of life."

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