Pamela Anderson Is Officially a Skincare Brand Co-Founder

She's been using Sonsie's incredibly hydrating lip balm instead of lipstick.

Pamela Anderson
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There are so, so many reasons to love Pamela Anderson. Beside the simple fact that she's an icon, the 56-year-old is a wonderful writer and constant champion of being true to oneself. (See, for example, her idyllic, quiet lifestyle in British Columbia, a cottagecore mood board come to life.) Her decision to "challenge beauty" and forgo makeup at major events last year quite literally changed the game of glam and, now, she's sharing her skincare-as-makeup wisdom with the world as co-founder of sustainable brand Sonsie.

The news was initially announced in Anderson's newsletter on Monday, January 22.

"Sonsie allows me to use sensibly without playing in to 'false hope'… just garnering more self love – if at work, on the road… or in the home… I want good, tried-and-true ingredients that keep me feeling my best… preserving my skin as it is in the moment… something that's consistently reminding us that we are good enough as we are… no matter where we are in our 'life-ing' journey… it is a blessing," she shared.

According to the Love, Pamela author, she's been using the products for the last year—and laying hints along the way. While tapping through Anderson's Instagram Story last Wednesday (as one does), I noticed a detail that stopped me in my tracks. Sweetly laid out on what appears to be a soft bed, the writer snapped a photo of a hairbrush and a tube of product I'd never seen before. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be Basic Balm, a $22 lip balm by the small-but-mighty beauty brand.

Initially created by influencer Marie von Behrens-Felipe, Sonsie was founded on the idea that a healthy outer appearance is connected to one's inner wellbeing. With simplified ingredient lists, straightforward formulas, and a commitment to the world around them, the brand is entirely Anderson-coded. The connection makes perfect sense.

Pamela Anderson

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According to the brand, Basic Balm is a 34 percent squalane lip balm that finishes like a gloss. Not as basic as its name leads you to believe, it features locally-sourced ingredients for long-lasting hydration and a silky sensation.

If Anderson's skin-first beauty approach has taught me anything (besides how refreshing it is to see the bare-faced beauty out and about), it's that she has a gorgeous complexion—and extremely hydrated pout.

"Sunflower seed wax provides a rich, creamy texture and seals in a combination of skin-loving seed oils that are naturally abundant in essential fatty acids," shares the brand in Basic Balm's product description. "We added a hint of yuzu extract for a fresh, subtle finish. All the benefits of a balm, with the finish of a gloss. Enjoy in all climates."

Although Anderson didn't provide any context for the image at the time save for her signature fairy emoji, I took her post as the ultimate stamp of approval—now we have proof. Yet again, she's proven herself a hero of simple routines, small businesses, and well-being in general. (With a little bit of luxury thrown in, that brush looked like a Mason Pearson.)

"I feel good in my skin," wrote Anderson in her latest newsletter. "I want you to as well."

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